Garage Floor Carpet Tile |SnapCarpet

Garage Floor Carpet Tile |SnapCarpet

SnapCarpetPerhaps carpet in the garage is not the perfect solution, but if you are going to put a carpet tile, this one is a snap. High end and stain resistant, just lock the tiles together to cover the section of floor. Each tile measures 12″ x 12″ square. The understructure functions as one complete sub-structure, making the carpet tile perfect for applications with temperature changes. Easily supports tool boxes, 4 post car lifts, and other garage items that roll around. Fully channeled to allow air flow and supports cars and trucks without an issue.Our carpet tile easily interlocks with TrueLock HD garage floor tiles. This is an outstanding benefit if you are creating different areas in your garage.



SnapCarpet Carpet Tile 12″x12″ Gray

SKU: SC1212ea

Price Each:

$ 5.99