garage floor mats

Garage Floor Mats

Garage Floor Mats are perfect for those who are looking for a simple one-day installation. The BLT garage mat is suggested for wall to wall coverage for most parking pads. We carry a number of options ranging from mats meant for garage floor protection to those designed to contain dirt, snow and moisture. Garage Flooring, LLC also carries absorbent garage mats to absorb oil and other common spills.

It is our policy to suggest plywood under kickstands, split kickstands, jacks, jack stands and other items that may create a point load. A puck will suffice for kickstands

Garage Floor Mats

Garage floor mats are a fast and efficient way to cover your garage floor or contain moisture, snow, mud, and debris under your vehicle. Our team has been offering garage flooring products for over two decades. We offer the lowest price on UPSable garage mats while still offering outstanding service from a knowledgeable team of garage flooring experts. With free shipping, the best pricing, free samples, and people that know the product we sell, Garage Flooring is the clear choice for your garage floor mat purchase.

BLT G-Floor products are our most popular roll-out product. This American made mat can be used to cover your entire garage floor or a just small area. It is available in 5 patterns and 3 different colors.

Custom lengths available!

Made in the USA
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Open the box, unroll, and your floor is protected- this product requires minimal work to assemble. Constructed from a PVC infused commercial material, this simple mat is perfect for keeping snow, ice and grime off your garage floor. We highly recommend this containment mat for most garages.


Garage Grip® carpet mats capture water and dirt in an easy to clean carpet that transforms your garage into a room

Made in the USA

An imported, less expensive alternative to the G-Floor Diamond garage mat is Diamond Deck. This is the only foreign garage floor mat we trust enough to sell- quality is ensured. The product is cut to size when you place your order. The diamond pattern is available in a graphite or pewter color.


If you are looking for a specialized type of roll-out mat and can’t find it elsewhere in our offering, it is likely that we carry it here. Specialty mats include roll out rubber flooring, marine flooring, trailer flooring and much more.

Made in the USA

Garage Floor Mats Protect Your Concrete!

Garage mats provide a great way to beautify and protect your floor. From BLT G-Floor rolls to containment mats and carpet Garage Mats, we have you covered! We believe it is important that you see the product before you make a purchase. As a result we also continue to offer two free samples of the products we sell.

G-Floor is a great option for your floor. Unlike epoxy or tile, our mats can be rolled out in minutes. If you are covering the entire floor, these mats can be trimmed to fit. Garage floor mats are substantially easier to install than garage floor coatings as they require little to no surface preparation, no harsh chemicals and have a considerably lower risk of failure.

Garage Flooring LLC of Colorado is more than just low prices and free shipping — our Colorado offices are staffed by industry experts that are dedicated to helping you find the best flooring option for your specific needs.

With over 20 years of experience in Garage Flooring and Storage ideas and solutions, our “man cave” team is dedicated to providing quality flooring at affordable prices with incredible service savings and honest advice. Above all, we are pleased to serve you while making sure you get exactly the right product!

It is important to consider that there are different types of products that have different applications. For example, TruContain mats are designed to contain water and snow which helps keep the moisture and dirt from going all over your garage floor. While PVC products such as the G-Floor ribbed mats can accomplish the same function to a lessor degree, they are much more attractive and are designed as a complete garage flooring solution — or to be used as parking pads.

Supply is also important to consider. Unfortunately based on current manufacturing and transportation requirements we are seeing lead times and product costs inch up. Please make sure you allow additional time when ordering your garage floor mats versus a year ago.

One thing that has not changed is the importance of speaking with one of our experts to determine the best product for your application. Every garage is entirely different. While mats may be great for one garage, epoxy or polyurea may be preferred for another. Tiles also offer advantages. The bottom line is all of this can leave you with your head spinning. Give us a call at 800-956-4301 and we can walk you through the absolute best options for your needs.

When considering different products, remember that Better Life Technology “G-Floor” is Made in the USA and shipped from their plant in Emporia, KS. While our competitors offer roll-out flooring from Asia, our PVC G-Floor products are American Made. While we understand that you have a lot of choices on where to buy your garage flooring product, we believe we are the best choice because we offer free shipping, expert advice, a price match guarantee, and hands down the best service in the industry. While we have industry-leading buying power we are a small company that is intent on serving each and every customer.

Over the years we have come to learn that many of our garage enthusiasts are also car enthusiasts and they take the time to detail their car. That is why we are launching a complete line of DIY car detailing products. We will be offering cleaners, sealers, ceramic finishes, and everything you need to keep your car looking as great as your floor!