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Garage Floor Paint

Garage Floor Paint

garage floor paintIf you are looking for a garage floor paint that will outperform the high end epoxy systems, Rust Bullet is the answer!

Rust Bullet is the premier option for painting your garage floor. Rust Bullet is more expensive than traditional garage floor paint, but a much better value than garage floor epoxy and other coating products.

It is chemical resistant, hot tire proof, and requires little if any floor preparation. When properly installed it will not peel, flake or fail. Rust Bullet was originally developed for the wings of aircraft. It has been tested in commercial and industrial applications. These applications considerably more demanding than the residential garage. In fact, Rust Bullet has been tested against the competition for abrasion resistance, freeze thaw cycles, flexibility, chemical resistance and more. We challenge you to find a more tested coatings product.

Rust Bullet is not your typical garage floor paint. It is a high adhesion, chemical resistant moisture cure urethane that has been proven highly effective for coating concrete.

You must apply a minimum of two coats of Rust Bullet. The kits below include enough for two coats at the documented square footage on a smooth (non porous) garage floor. You can also purchase Rust Bullet by the Gallon.  Coverage is per coat. For example if you have a 400 Sq. Ft. Smooth garage floor: a gallon of rust bullet covers 400 Sq. Ft. You would need two 1-gallon containers. One for the first coat and one for the second one.

Each kit contains the appropriate amount of Rust Bullet in a semi metallic gray. One 24oz  of our spot treatment for oil and other contaminants and one quart  of solvent for cleaning up.

Please see our Rust Bullet Page for additional details and information.

Rust Bullet Garage Floor Paint

Rust Bullet Garage Floor Paint Rust Bullet is a Urethane based garage floor coating as opposed to a traditional water or oil based garage floor paint. Please see our Rust Bullet Page for full details and installation instructions


250 Sq. Ft. Gray Kit Rust Bullet Garage Floor Coatings


Price Each:

$ 204.99

500 Sq. Ft. Gray Kit Rust Bullet Garage Floor Coatings


Price Each:

$ 399.99

Metallic Gray Rust Bullet for Concrete 1 Gallon


Price Each:

$ 124.99

Metallic Gray Rust Bullet for Concrete Quart


Price Each:

$ 39.99

Rust Bullet has been used extensively for painting garage floors and other concrete surfaces. They have extensive testing and an incredible number of case studies. While we do not generally recommend MCU or other urethane for coating concrete, Rust Bullet is the exception.