garage floor tiles

Garage Floor Tiles

Featuring TrueLock HD garage floor tiles. These are American Made garage floor tiles are produced by the leading brand, without the added expense that comes from marketing. All TrueLock HD tiles are made in the USA. Don't get stuck with cheap garage floor tiles. These are quality tiles at an affordable price. Click here for more information

TrueLock & TrueLock HD Rigid Garage Floor Tiles

What would Justin use? The new HD Extreme coin garage tiles are outstanding for most working garages. The HD Extreme Diamond incorporates the same technology, but the pattern is geared more towards the show garage or man cave. We did lower the profile just slightly so you can still roll over the top of it for those who do less frequent work in the garage. Both are equal in quality but the coin is textured and better suited for rolling cabinets and creepers daily. One other tile that must be considered is the HD Ribbed Flow through product. This is absolutely the choice where a clean, dry surface is required. It can also be combined with any of our HD or HD Extreme products.

TrueLock Diamond Plate – SALE $2.29

TrueLock Diamond

Our most affordable tiles. This American Made quality garage floor tile starts at $2.49 a square foot. For .20¢ cents more per square foot, the TrueLock HD is the popular choice, and for .40 cents more the HD Extreme is an amazing choice, but if you are looking for a quality product at the lowest possible price, this is it. On Sale $2.29 / Sq. Ft.

TrueLock HD Diamond – SALE $2.49

TrueLock HD Diamond

American Made classic interlocking floor tiles come with a 10 Year manufacturer’ s warranty. This is not your average ‘ garage floor tile’ this is THE national brand of tile in a plain brown box. You get the very same tile, without paying for the cost of marketing.

TrueLock HD Coin – SALE $2.49

TrueLock HD Coin

The same great quality and price as our HD Diamond tile, the coin pattern just knows how to roll! If your garage is less show and more work, the coin pattern is easier for rolling tool boxes, jacks, and creepers on. The coins are small and close together.

TrueLock HD Ribbed Flow Through– SALE $2.69

TrueLock HD Ribbed

If you live someplace where there is snow and rain in the winter and lots of sun in the summer, this is the ideal tile. Your floor stays dry under foot and is easy to clean, but resists expansion and contraction issues in the hot summer months.

HD Extreme Diamond Garage Tile – SALE $2.69

HD Extreme Diamond Garage Tile

If you are going to get a diamond tread tile, it should look like diamond tread. No double hash, slim lines or barbed wire look here. This is the real deal. Plus we increased the top plate material, made the tile heavier and increased the warranty to 12 years.

HD Extreme Coin Garage Tile – SALE $2.69

HD Extreme Coin Garage Tile

Simply put the most functional tile for a REAL garage on the market. Sure its pretty, but thats not the point. It’s tough as nails. Your feet stick to and the light texture makes it look less plasticy — not to mention it hides a lot too. So if you beat up your garage and you want a tile as tough as the work you do. This is the way to go.

TrueLock HD Deck – SALE $2.99

TrueLock HD Deck

TrueLock HD deck tiles are the perfect way to to cover a concrete patio or deck. They are also a good option for adding drainage to an otherwise solid garage floor tile system. They easily lock in place with other TrueLock HD tiles.

TrueLock HD / Snap Carpet Tile – $5.99

TrueLock HD / Snap Carpet Tile

An interlocking tile with a carpet top. The ease of our interlocking tiles with the looks of a tire tough carpet. Often interlocked with other TrueLock HD floor tiles for an area where more cushion is desired.


PVC Vinyl Garage Tiles – Flexible

NORSK PVC – Only $3.30 / Sq. Ft.


NORSK PVC tiles are a durable flexible PVC (soft plastic) tile available in four patterns and a range of colors to match your garage, including metallic colors in the diamond pattern. “Air-Dry” technology protects your concrete underneath. Our #1 pick for a PVC tile.

TrueLock PVC – $3.44 / Sq. Ft.

TrueLock PVC

TrueLock PVC Tiles are a heavy duty 1/4′′ PVC floor tile often used in both commercial and industrial applications. These tiles are also perfect for home garages. Available in smooth and coin patterns. Either pattern allows tool boxes and pallet jacks to roll easily.

BLT Self Stick Tiles – $3.15

BLT Self Stick Tiles

BLT Raceday tiles are the perfect compromise between a garage floor tile and a garage floor mat. Constructed from 95 Mil PVC with an industrial self-stick adhesive. Available in Diamond or Levant. 12×12 and 24×24 tiles give you the options you need.

Tuff Seal – $6.25 / Sq. Ft.

Tuff Seal

Tuff Seal tiles are our highest end garage floor tile. They feature a watertight two-way locking system that gives a ‘ square edge’ look to each tile. Available in three patterns and tough enough for residential and industrial applications.

Specialty Tiles for the Garage & Beyond

Specialty Tiles

Specialty tiles are interlocking tiles for other applications. We offer event flooring, deck flooring as well as rubber and foam floor tiles for fitness flooring.

Fitness Tiles – $4.99 / Sq. Ft.

Fitness Tiles

Interlocking rubber tiles for the perfect home or commercial gym. This easy to install fitness floor is professional grade gym flooring. Same product sold under major national brand to huge fitness centers. Not for automotive use.

Garage tile is available in a flexible PVC or rigid polypropylene. Rigid products are more stain resistant and provide the classic straight edge, checkerboard look. PVC tiles may appear more seamless but are more likely to be stained from certain tires. For polypropylene garage tile systems we suggest using female edges at the entrance of the garage. The latest garage flooring news can always be found on our blog

Many Garage Flooring customers consider garage floor tiles over mats or coatings because they are easier to use. Tiles do not require the floor prep that garage floor coatings require and our rigid garage tile will not stain like pvc garage floor mat will. Similarly, tiles are easier to repair should one become damaged. You can simply remove the damaged tile and replace it.