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Garage Flooring Samples

Please request no more than two free samples below. They will be shipped via US Mail, typically within one business day. The free garage floor mat and garage floor tile samples are only large enough to view the color and grade of the mat. The sample is too small to use as garage flooring.

If you would like to request more than two samples, you are welcome to call us at 800-956-4301 or email service@garageflooringllc.com, and we can take your request that way. If you need more samples, there is no need to use multiple addresses, we do not mind sending out more samples for the purpose of making a decision.

Please note your phone number may be required by the carrier to complete delivery. We will not contact you for marketing purposes. Also please note that Garage Flooring Sample options are limited to a maximum selection of two patterns/colors for Floor Mat product samples, and a maximum selection of two patterns/colors for Floor Tile product samples.

If you experience trouble with this form, you can also email us at garageflooringllc.com to request Garage Flooring Samples.

BLT Mat Sample Options


BLT Mat Ribbed


BLT Mat Coin


BLT Mat Diamond


BLT Mat Levant

Small Coin:

BLT Small Coin

BLT Tile Sample Options


BLT Tile Diamond



BLT Tile Levant

TrueLock Tile Sample Options

TrueLock HD Extreme Diamond Tile:

TrueLock HD Extreme Diamond Tile

TrueLock HD Extreme Coin Tile:

TrueLock HD Extreme Coin Tile

TrueLock Diamond Plate:

TrueLock Diamond Plate Tile

TrueLock HD Diamond:

TrueLock HD Diamond

TrueLock HD Coin:

TrueLock HD Coin

TrueLock HD Flow-Through:

TrueLock HD Flow-Through

TrueLock HD Patio & Deck:

TrueLock HD Patio & Deck

RaceDeck® Tile Sample Options

RaceDeck® Diamond:

RaceDeck® Diamond

RaceDeck® CircleTrac®:

RaceDeck® CircleTrac®

RaceDeck® TuffSheild®:

RaceDeck® TuffSheild®

RaceDeck® Free-Flow®

RaceDeck® Free-Flow®

TrueLock PVC Tile Sample Options

TrueLock PVC Coin:

TrueLock PVC Coin

TrueLock PVC Smooth:

TrueLock PVC Smooth

TuffSeal PVC Tile Sample Options

TuffSeal PVC Marquis:

TuffSeal PVC Marquis

TuffSeal PVC Smooth:

TuffSeal PVC Smooth

TuffSeal PVC Stud:

TuffSeal PVC Stud

Nörsk Tile Sample Options

Raised Diamond:

Raised Diamond

Raised Coin:

Raised Coin

Rhino-Tec™ Sport Floor:

Rhino-Tec™ Sport Floor

Vented Drain:

Vented Drain

Carpet Tile Sample Options



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    1. I’m ready to order but I would like to see the actual TrueLock HD Flow-Through tiles before I buy. I had previously requested a sample of these but was sent the Race Deck tiles instead.

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