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Garage Plastic Floor Tiles

Seriously? Plastic floor Tiles for the Garage

Plastic Garage Floor Tile Working GarageOne of the questions we get a lot from customers is about the idea of using a plastic tile on your garage floor. It almost feels counter-intuitive. There are actually two types of tiles for the garage floor that are used on a regular basis. Polypropylene and PVC are the two basic raw materials used by the industry to produce tiles. Polypropylene produces rigid garage floor tiles while PVC produces flexible ones.

Generally speaking these tiles hold up very well. Polypropylene is more common because it resists stains from car tires. When purchasing a quality, American Made garage tile, there are generally no issues with the product holding up to normal abuse. We do not generally suggest plastic tile for areas that are going to be subjected to welding or grinding unless a welding blanket will be utilized.

We do like PVC tiles for industrial applications or for applications where protecting the substrate is of the utmost importance. PVC tiles also tend to keep water and other fluids on top of the tile longer.

Red and Blue Diamond Garage Tile

What the big deal about tiles

Brands like RaceDeck and TrueLock have had tremendous success in the garage flooring industry because the floor is easy to customize. You have a wide variety of colors to choose from and you can arrange them in any pattern that fits your needs. Since they are modular, they will fit almost any garage and only minimal cutting is involved. The garage can be used immediately and there is absolutely no need for harsh chemicals, solvents or adhesives.

Unlike roll out products, interlocking tiles typically have an air gap underneath to allow water to evaporate. This helps avoid issues with mold and mildew. The manufacturers instuctions for cleaning and maintenance still needs to be followed. Consult one of our experts for assistance.