Garage Storage

Is your garage a mess? Forget having a place to park, you can’t even find your stuff! Its time to get your garage organized with some simple and affordable garage storage products . Garage Flooring of Coloardo, LLC offers the best in garage storage.

It is our policy to suggest plywood under kickstands, split kickstands, jacks, jack stands and other items that may create a point load. A puck will suffice for kickstands

Top-Selling Garage Storage Products

Is your garage a mess? On top of not having a parking space, you can’t even find your stuff! It’s time to get your garage organized with some simple and affordable garage storage products. Garage Flooring LLC offers the best of garage storage.

Garage Flooring offers affordable, high-quality, MDF and steel cabinets that can accommodate a large quantity of items and withstand years of use.

For well under $100, you can clear up a significant amount of floor space in your garage. Our overhead storage system provides an easy way to organize and store items without consuming wall or floor area.


Our garage shelves offer another method to clear garage floor space. They are an affordable and easy way to utilize wall space.

Our Hyloft shelves allow you to store your tires safely and efficiently.


The Slatwall storage system is comprised of wall panels with respective bins, hooks and baskets made specifically for the panel slats. Slatwall storage is a simple and organized way to tidy up your garage.

SteadyRack bike racks offer one of the best ways to store a bike. In addition to their traditional product, we carry their new product which accommodates fat bikes and bikes with fenders and mudguards.


Wall Storage


Slatwall is a flexible and convenient way to organize your garage, laundry room or retail space. There is a large assortment of hooks, shelves, and accessories that can easily be inserted and detached from the Slatwall.


Tires take up a lot of floor space and can be difficult to organize and store. To combat these issues, we offer premium but affordable tire storage systems for your garage.



In addition to garage storage products, Garage Flooring LLC offers a full range of garage floor mats, garage floor tiles and garage floor coatings.