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G-Floor Advantages

G-Floor Garage Floor MatsG Floor is Made in the USA, in Emporia Kansas by skilled American Tradesman. The advantages of G-Floor are Clear:

G-Floor uses only the highest quality PVC with no fillers

G Floor is more consistent in thickness, pattern, and color because the manufacturing process is locally controlled.

G-Floor is stored flat and only shipped rolled. This avoids the curl that many customer have complained about on foreign-made products. Bottom line, G-Floor lays flat. Every other product on the market is stored rolled right from the overseas manufacturing facility. The longer its rolled, the harder it is to install.

G-Floor is available in 3 colors, 4 widths, several standard lengths and custom lengths available. This means less seams and a beautiful, seamless garage floor.

G-Floor is time proven. It has been sold for well over a decade. G-Floor has been used in countless industries, as OEM trailer flooring, racing teams, trade shows, and even Nuclear facilities.

G-Floor warranty is backed by an American Company

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G-Floor is a registered trademark of Better Life Technology, LLC (BLT). BLT is the only garage floor mat carried by Garage Flooring; Garage Flooring has decided, based on actual samples we received from multiple competitors (pictures here), to limit sales of foreign made PVC garage floor mats.

Please note that many containment mats have been made over seas for years and have a history of success. We do not consider containment mats to be garage flooring and we do carry imported containment mats.

We do not claim to have tested every mat for the garage that is made in China. While some mats may perform better than the sample we received, we simply will not risk it. No matter what product you decide to go with we suggest you get a sample first.