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Glow In The Dark Flake

Green Glow In The Dark Flake


Premium Glow In The Dark Flake

Garage Flooring is proud to offer the highest quality, environmentally friendly glow in the dark flake. This flake is pure glow in the dark. no duds and no white or other colors mixed in. Our in house testing shows that our flakes glow considerably brighter and for longer periods of time than other products offered. All of our flakes include free shipping. If you are looking for more than 5 pounds, call for quantity discounts.




Blue Glow In The Dark Flake


Based on customer feedback, we have revised our offering to only include the brightest, most effective glow in the dark flakes.

Our premium flake, shown to the right. Green Top, Blue Center image and Aqua is the bottom image, is high end, glow all night and glow brightly flake. While many competitors have mixed their glow flake with standard flake to make it appear less expensive; our flake is 100% glow in the dark flake with no filler.




Aqua Glow In The Dark Flake


Loose or jagged flakes must be scraped  or sanded prior to installing a top coat. If you are not familiar with proper flake instruction, please contact us for details. Our flakes are designed to glow all night when exposed to UV light during the day

Glow In The Dark Flake for Epoxy and Garage Floor Coatings

Glow In The Dark Flake for Epoxy and Garage Floor Coatings Our top of the line, high quality blue and green glow in the dark flake and broadcast media for garage floor epoxy and garage floor coating systems. Use in a random broadcast, as part of a design, or for safety



GBC-GG1F Green Glow in the Dark Flakes 1 Pound

SKU: GG-400

Price Each:

$ 79.99


GBC-BG1F Blue Glow in the Dark Flakes 1 Pound

SKU: BG-400

Price Each:

$ 84.99


Warning: Proper precautions must be followed when installing glow flakes. Failure to follow these precautions may result in exposed sharp edges.


  1. While your base coat of epoxy is still wet broadcast glow in the dark flakes by tossing straight up in the air and allowing flake to fall to the ground.
  2. After base coat is dry remove excess flakes by scraping. Scrape or sand any jagged edges prior to installation of top coat.
  3. Apply a clear top coat.

It is the responsibility of the installer to make sure all sharp edges are removed and that flakes are completely covered with top coat.