TrueLock HD Diamond Tile

High quality, American Made Garage Floor Tile for just pennies more than the cheap products imported from China. Each of our HD diamond tiles measures 12″ x 12″ x 1/2″ thick. No adhesive and very limited tools are required for installation. Installing the product almost makes you feel like a kid again. Create the pattern of your dreams while just snapping the tile into place. All of this with the security of a 10-Year manufacturers warranty! The diamond tile is amazing, but we just made a newer and better diamond garage floor tile. More realistic diamonds. More material. Better warranty.

Pricing & Options



TrueLock HD Diamond Tile 12″ × 12″


Price Each:

$ 3.49

On Sale!:

$ 2.49

no coupons or discounts apply


TrueLock HD 3″ × 12″ Male Edge


Price Each:

$ 2.00


TrueLock HD 3″ × 12″ Female Edge


Price Each:

$ 2.00


TrueLock HD 3″ × 12″ Male Corner & Edge


Price Each:

$ 2.00


TrueLock HD 3″ × 12″ Female Corner & Edge


Price Each:

$ 2.00

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Diamond Plate

Our lest expensive TrueLock garage floor tile. TrueLock Diamond is American Made and has 6 locks per side.

HD Coin

Coin garage floor tiles are often used in working garages. They allow creepers, toolboxes and cabinets to roll around with ease

HD Diamond Plate

The ultimate high end diamond garage floor tile. This tile has the looks and the performance!

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Best Value

Quality Tile. Shocking Price.

Even we were shocked by the pricing we are able to offer on our HD Diamond Tile. Through tireless negotiation, we were able to have a tile manufactured by the best in the business to the highest possible specifications for garage tile and make them available to you at tremendous savings. This product retails under brand names for $3.49 / Sq. Ft. We have it on sale for $2.49.

Time Tested. ASTM Tested.

Claims are just claims until they are proven. This product has been proven in accordance with ASTM G 21 to be Fungus resistant — No Growth. It is also resistant to mildew and bacteria.

Garage floor tiles need to be strong. Ours is strong enough to be subjected to tough industry tests that many products can’t pass or have chosen not to. They have been tested for rolling loads and passed as well as compression vs crush in Accordance with ASTM D 3998. Passed. While the product has been proven to have a 5-10% noise reduction coefficient, these tests are done in ideal circumstances and not every garage is ideal. We highly suggest the use of synthetic landscape fabric for underlayment.

Built to Last

With a 10 year warranty against manufacturers defects, these garage floor tiles were built to last. A copy of the 10 Year Limited Warranty is available via US Mail upon request. View Installation Instructions.

Not just another tile

What makes this garage floor tile different? First of all, it is American Made in the great state of Utah. The product has been in the market for years and continually outsells and outperforms the competition.

  • Full 1/2″ Thick
  • Made in the USA
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Amazing Customer Service
  • Free Full Size Samples
  • Engineered Substructure

Male & Female

This conversation can get uncomfortable at times. The tiles have 4 sides. Two flat sides that have pegs underneath. Because of the pegs, we call them male. The side with the loops, we call female. The loops have a hole in them that the male pegs lock into. Just in case you still don’t understand, we have pictures up top. This is likely the most often confused part of the garage floor tile process. Standing outside the garage, looking in, start with a flat (male) side towards you and to the left. Order enough female edges to go across your garage door(s) and get two extra. In a wall to wall application, you will not typically need any male edges or corner pieces.

Before Installing Tiles

Tiles do not require any real prep work. That said some floors have never been sealed. The installation of a garage floor tile is not a substitute for proper concrete protection and treatment. The average homeowner can properly treat their garage floor for under $100 using a product like B4 Floor Prep

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