Hercke Powder Coated & Stainless Steel Garage Storage Cabinets

View Series 7.2 — Stainless Steel Fronts

View Series 7.3 — Powder Coated

Hercke Stainless Steel Garage Storage Cabinets
Hercke Powder Coated Steel Garage Storage

 The Hercke Advantage

A luxury line of garage storage cabinets with a price tag that is reasonable. Hercke garage storage cabinets are all comprised of satin black powder coated steel boxes with your choice of Series 7.2 Stainless Steel or series 7.3 Powder Coated Steel drawers, doors and fronts.

A perfect combination of form and function, these storage cabinets are for much more than just the garage. They are great for office spaces, studio apartments, laundry room storage, basement storage, commercial buildings, airplane hanger storage and more. The first step in selecting your Hercke product is choosing a series.

Series 7.2 Stainless Steel Doors, Fronts and Drawers and a Powder Coated Steel Box (Upper Photo)

Series 7.3 Powder Coated Steel Doors, Fronts, Drawers and Powder Coated Steel Box (Lower Photo)

The Hercke system is completely modular. This means your garage storage system is only limited by your imagination. Our video below shows how the system goes together and how it can be configured and reconfigured. The steps to a perfect Hercke system are simple:

  • Choose your Series: Series 7.2 has the stainless steel fronts and series 7.3 has the powder coated steel fronts.
  • Choose a pre-designed kit or start the process from scratch.
  • If your working from scratch each wall cabinet will need either a wall mount system or a channel mound system.
  • The first base cabinet it a “stack” needs a base. You have bases that roll and stationary bases. They can be used together.

This breakthrough in home storage opens the door to the true potential of your garage. If you’re like most homeowners, your garage has become an over sized junk drawer of sorts, filled to capacity with just about everything you can imagine. That�s why Hercke offers modern, modular storage solutions forged of steel especially for this overlooked, under appreciated and often-abused space. Besides the garage, Hercke Organization Solutions work just as well in the hobby room, laundry room, home office and anywhere else you need smart, simple and tasteful storage solutions. You can even bring the beauty and sophistication of Hercke outdoors to your patio.