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How To Install Antiskid

AntiSkid comes in many shapes, compounds and sizes. This is general information and does not replace the manufacturers label and instructions. Specific coatings will increase or decrease the efficiency of antiskid. For example if antiskid is suspended in an epoxy it is much less aggressive than being suspended in a urethane. These instructions are based on urethanes and coatings under 4 Mil DFT. Always consult with us regarding the specific product(s) you are using.

Garage Flooring provides two types of antiskid. We offer TrueLock AntiSkid which is a tabular alumina and we offer TrueLock TrueGrit. As of 10/09/2015 TrueLock TrueGrit is the AntiSkid that we included with many of our products such as Rust Bullet Clear and Rust Bullet Color Coats. True Grit is an aggressive anti skid and provides a significant texture. The texture itself is rounded which has been proven to make it easier to clean than other products used for anti skid — such as silica sand. It is also constructed from a polypropylene.

The second type of antiskid we provide is TrueLock AntiSkid (tabular alumina). It is much less aggressive. Tabular alumina should only be mixed into the final coat. It increases resistance to wear and provides some surface texture.

TrueLock TrueGrit AntiSKid Instructions

This is an aggressive anti skid that will provide substantial traction and “grit.” The product uses rounded, almost spherical particles to make it easier to clean than silica sand and other jagged anti skids. Use between ¼ Cup and 1 Cup per gallon. Mix only into your final coat. For less aggressive texture, mix into your second to last coat (ONLY). In fact it is aggressive enough that if you are doing a flake system you could put it in the first coat of gray (only) and still have surface texture. If you are doing a flake system we do not suggest it be applied in the same coat as the flake. Add slowly and continue to mix for at least 3 minutes after all anti skid is added. Re mix often. Make sure there are no clumps. Always test for desired results before applying to the floor. It is difficult to add to quarts and smaller containers. Our suggestion would be to combine smaller amounts into larger containers.

This product is lighter than what you are mixing it into. If it is not mixed and remixed it will float to the surface and you will have heavier texture in some areas. If you mix it in to quickly it tends to clump. You will always get a few. Make sure you break them up while mixing.

  • At 1/4 Cup you get sparse coverage
  • At 1/2 Cup you get an aggressive texture
  • At 1 Cup you get an aggressive but more consistent texture

We sell in 1 cup increments and we believe that to be the safest measurement of antiskid for the final coat of material. Using less antiskid and placing antiskid in earlier coats, decreases the texture on the floor and increases the risk of slipping. It is the responsibility (and risk) of the homeowner and the installer to determine how much antiskid you want to use. One last note. While this product is aggressive, this type of product has been marketed under a very successful brand name and has become highly desired. The rounded ‘plastic’ spheres are preferred by many.

TrueLock AntiSkid Instructions

Mix between .6 pounds and 1 pound per gallon into your last coat. Add slowly and mix for at least 3 minutes. This product is heavy and tends to sink. Remix often. This is a very mild antiskid and adds some texture to the surface while providing additional wear resistance. We offer this product for sale, but it is a higher cost and more expensive to ship. It is no longer included. Tabular Alumina is in the aluminum oxide family and is often marketed as a ‘soft type antiskid.