Garage Flooring Ideas

Looking for garage flooring ideas and you simply do not know where to turn? Perhaps you have spent hours searching photo boards, only to find something you like and not know exactly what they did. We thought we would share some of our recent customer projects as well as what they used and hope in inspires you. We will cover some of the more basic flooring concepts and then some ideas that were more creative and perhaps require a larger investment. We are also going to give you large format pictures of the garage so you can actually see it.

Natural Look TLPPC Concrete sealer for protection & Gloss

TLPPC Garage Floor Sealer

TLPPC Garage Floor Sealer. 3 Coats Used.

Pros: Installation does not require any floor preparation. Application is done with a garden sprayer. Chemical, Oil, Solvent and UV Resistant. Attractive gloss. Very low cost.

Cons: Multiple coats required. End result dependent on concrete. No options for color.

2-Coat Gray Polyurea Coating With Flake

Gray Polyurea with B-310 flake

2-Coat Gray Polyurea System

Gray Polyurea with B-310 flake

B-310 Flake On Gray Polyurea

Pros: Installation requires little floor preparation. Chemical, Oil, Solvent and UV Resistant. Cost effective.

Cons: Multi coat system. Odor on install

Ribbed Garage Floor Tiles for Winter Weather Areas

porsche on garage floor tiles

Ribbed garage floor tiles allow snow. salts and moisture to fall through leaving you with a clean and safe surface to walk on.

Pros: Easy installation. Beautiful. No prep work. Hides damaged concrete

Cons: Costs approaching $3 / Sq. Ft. Some people do not like moisture and dirt going under the tile.

Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings

TL707 Garage Floor Epoxy System

TL707 Garage Floor Epoxy System. This same look can be accomplished with other garage floor coatings like Polyurea.

Pros: Relatively cost effective. Easy to clean. Durable. Chemical resistant.

Cons: Labor intensive and skill required.