Justin’s Choice for the Best Garage Flooring

This page is intended to give you a guide as to some of Justin's favorite products. It is important to consider that every garage is different. Our team is here to assist you. If your garage has specific needs, simply give us a call and we can help you find the best product for your garage. 'Justin's Choice' is not intended to mean it is the perfect product for every application.

Who is Justin Krauss Anyway

You will notice that on many of our top-level category pages, we ask the question ‘What Would Justin Use?’ So who is this Justin guy anyway? Justin Krauss is the Co-Founder and President of Garage Flooring. Most of the content (and typos) you see on the website was written by Justin. Justin has been in the Home Improvement industry since 1990. He has worked at the local lumberyard, the distributor, and as a regional manager for a manufacturer. He got into the garage flooring business in 2001. NEW Garage Flooring Guide published in February 2020!

Justin’s Advice

Justin is generally in the office Monday through Friday and very very active in the company today. He is also very active in online forums such as the ‘Garage Journal’ and others. Because of this activity, he gets dozens of calls asking what the best product is. The truth, as he would tell you, there is no one best product. It’s about finding the best product for you and your application. That said, generally speaking, there are products that Justin would use in his own garage. Justin wanted to take the time to share those suggestions with you.

Best Garage Flooring Products

In many cases there are choices. That’s because Justin recognizes that the perfect tile for a man cave might be different than the perfect tile for a hobby mechanic. There may not be a ‘best garage flooring’ product for all circumstances but our goal is to help you find the best garage floor for you!

Another Concrete Suggestion

There is one recommendation that does not fit into the categories below. If you are welding and performing other activities that would harm most garage flooring and/or you are just looking for a way to keep oil and other stains off your garage floor, we would highly suggest 4500 densifier followed by a SINGLE FLOOD COAT of Ghostshield 8510. It is by far the best penetrating garage floor sealer on the market and considerably outperforms its predecessor 8505.

Best Garage Floor Tiles as of January 2022

HDXT Coin Garage Tile–

HDXT Coin Garage Tile

Let’s not dance around the issue. Some people park in their garage and some people work in their garage. If you are a creeper using, toolbox rolling, jack stand kind of person and you want a tile. This is it. It’s also the most comfortable under bare feet for rec rooms. Lightly textured small coins provide great traction and little to no rolling resistance. Both of the HD extreme tiles are considerably heavier than the bulk of the competition.

HDXT Diamond Garage Tile–

HDXT Diamond Garage Tile

This is basically 100% opposite of the small coin tile. If you want the best looking garage in the neighborhood built around a highly engineered sub-structure that has been tested for years, this is the way to go. The real look of a diamond plate floor but the profile is lowered just enough for the person who rolls the occasional toolbox or cabinet. Both of the HDXT tiles are considerably heavier than the bulk of the competition.

TrueLock HD Ribbed Flow Through–

TrueLock HD Ribbed

If your garage gets wet, this is the way to go. The water and muck fall through, leaving you a clean safe surface to walk on. Same exact tile as the national brand at a lower price. It can be combined with the other tiles on this page for drainage in key areas.

TrueLock Diamond Plate –

TrueLock Diamond

This is the nicest price point tile in the business and its American Made. Newly revamped its a beautiful looking floor for those whose primary concern is the wallet.

Best Garage Floor Coatings

We have an updated article on the best garage floor coatings you should check out!

Water Based Epoxy

Water Based Epoxy

This is a medium build epoxy with virtually no odor and a 4 hour, in the bucket pot life. Its incredible for the average garage floor and will stick to a clean dry surface that absorbs water. You can use your floor the same or next day. Some of the best chemical resistance in the industry. I’d use this for the average to moderate use (add glass bead) garage. If your floor has a lot of damage, a higher solids product should be used. If abrasion resistance is your number one concern, go with the Polyurea. Related Link: Garage Floor Epoxy Review

Polyurea Coating

Polyurea Coating

This is our high-end floor. We took the best properties of aliphatic urethane, MCU, Poly-aspartic, and Polyurea and we created a high, easy to work with, extended pot life garage floor coating. If you are always in the garage tinkering this is the floor for you. If you want a high end, the envy of the neighborhood garage floor coating, this is the way I’d go. It does have a strong odor. I’d use the kit and a squeegee, no questions asked.
Now available in kits

Best Garage Floor Mats

TruContain® Containment Mats

TruContain® Containment Mats

One piece, no assembly required containment mat. This is Justin’s baby. After listening to a decade of complaints about other containment mats, he reconfigured and redesigned and built a second company and his own brand. If you are just looking to keep stuff off your floor. This is the way to go. This is not a decorative product. Its mission is to contain water, snow, ice, and mud.

Small Coin

Small Coin

If you are going to do a rollout garage floor, wall to wall, this is the way to go. PVC has its limitations, but as far as pvc mats go, this is the one and only mat Justin would use in a wall to wall application..

There are a lot of third party reviews out there on our garage flooring products. For example here is a great third-party review of our HDXT Garage Floor Tiles. We also have a complete selection of garage floor mats, garage floor tiles and garage floor coatings.