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HD Extreme Diamond Garage Tile –- $2.49

HD Extreme Diamond Garage Tile

If you are going to get a diamond tread tile, it should look like diamond tread. No double hash, slim lines or barbed wire look here. This is the real deal. Plus we increased the top plate material, made the tile heavier and increased the warranty to 12 years.

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HD Extreme Coin Garage Tile –- $2.49

HD Extreme Coin Garage Tile

Simply put the most functional tile for a REAL garage on the market. Sure its pretty, but thats not the point. It’s tough as nails. Your feet stick to and the light texture makes it look less plasticy — not to mention it hides a lot too. So if you beat up your garage and you want a tile as tough as the work you do. This is the way to go.

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TruContain® Any Size (non-HD) — $99.99

TruContain® Any Size (non-HD)

TruContain® containment mats (non-HD) any size. The best selling containment mat in the business! You pull out of the snow and into your nice warm garage. It should be that easy, right? Instead you are left with a huge puddle and a mess that spreads all over the garage floor.

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Auto Detailing Products — Save 20%

Grand Junction Detailing Supplies

The largest selection of in stock detailing supplies in the valley. Clean your car and protect it with our huge selection of detailing productss

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