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Moisture Test


Moisture Testing:

It is fairly common to have hydrostatic vapor transmission.  This means moisture or vapor travels through the pores of the concrete and comes to the surface with some degree of pressure.  Some degree of moisture at the surface is acceptable when applying liquids to concrete, but too much can and will lead to adhesion problems.   Please do not skip the moisture tests!  IMPORTANT!   Place the peel and stick adhesive moister test kits randomly throughout the area to be coated after completing surface preparation.  The test patches should be applied to the surface for a minimum of 8 hours to get the most accurate results of the test.    To determine if moisture is present inspect the test areas after 8 hours of adhesion to the substrate.  Look at the plastic and if moisture is present on the underside of the test plastic then you should apply a liquid vapor barrier prior to installing the floor coating system.