Norsk™ Shock Absorbent Gym Tiles

The perfect union between comfort and performance. These gym tiles are durable, cushioned, and odorless. This flooring makes you feel like you are at the gym – without all the meatheads and questionably sanitized equipment.  Norsk™ Tiles are tough enough for your exercise routine and beautiful enough for your next gym selfie. Each tile is 0.7″ thick and  25.2″ long  x 25.2″ wide.

Norsk Exercise Tiles

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Norsk™ Shock Absorbent Gym Tiles (4 Pack)

Norsk™ Shock Absorbent Gym Tiles (4 Pack) Norsk™ Shock Absorbent Gym Tiles are the perfect addition to your workout space. Coverage of each set is 17.64 square feet. The tiles are odorless, cushioned for support, and durable enough for your exercise equipment.


Norsk™ Shock Absorbent Gym Tiles (4 Pack)


Price Each:

$ 49.97
Norsk™ Shock Absorbent Gym Tiles (4 Pack)

The Norsk™ Shock Absorbent Gym Tiles set comes with four tiles and eight straight edges. The set covers 17.64 Square feet. The Tiles are .7 inches thick, 25.2 inches long, and 25.2 inches wide. 

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Approved by Justin

Justin Krauss, the owner of Garage Flooring LLC has the tiles in his own garage gym – where he works out every day. The tiles are tough enough for his Peloton but soft enough for core work and stretching, and they have no rubber smell. Overall, he finds that the tiles are AMAZING.

Dual Layered

The Norsk™  Shock Absorbent Gym Tiles feature a dual-layered system to maximize functionality. A durable co-polymer top layer dissuades wear and tear to maximize exercise performance. Then, the second layer is a foam core made from a durable high-density copolymer that provides cushion and support for weights and other exercise equipment. Given the nature of the materials, the tiles do not have the offensive odor associated with recycled rubber products.

Easy Installation

Norsk™ Shock Absorbent Gym Tiles are extremely easy to install. Each set comes with four tiles and eight straight edges to cover 17.64 square feet. The tiles can be installed by simply pushing the pieces together as you would with any other foam tile. Sets can combine with each other. However, the mats are not compatible with other Norsk™ tiles or foam mats.

Exception to Our Rule

Garage Flooring LLC of Colorado typically offers American Made Tile. The NORSK product is an exception to this rule. While our TrueLock PVC tiles provide high quality, American Made alternative, the NORSK tile fits a niche that we have not found elsewhere. It is softer and more residential in look and feels than other PVC tiles we have offered or researched. Although the product is produced in China, the quality of the product is closely monitored by a company we trust.


These tiles are perfect for virtually any gym space. The high-quality set is offered at only $2.83 a square foot. The combination of a high-functioning tile, a lack of odor, and a great price is what makes the Norsk™ Shock Absorbent Gym tiles a great value.

Safely Exercise

The Norsk™ gym tiles provide cushion and support for all your favorite workouts. Additionally, you can be confident in your workouts because every tile has a texture on both sides. The texture on the tiles prevents slipping and fatigue of the tiles. There is no need to worry about how the tiles will affect your h. The product is non-toxic, latex-free, lead-free, allergen-free, Pthhalate-free, and odor-free.

Easy to Clean

Clean the Norsk™ Shock Absorbent Gym Tiles with mild soap and water. Any spills on the flooring should be immediately cleaned to avoid damage to the tiles.

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Norsk tiles are designed to be quick and easy to install. Simply use our calculator tab to calculate the number of tiles you will need. According to the manufacturer, all you need is a utility knife and a rubber mallet. Our advice: Use a circular saw or table saw with a good laminate blade – a blade designed for cutting countertop material. Just lay the tiles out, trim to fit and apply the edging: no glue, no mess, and no harsh chemicals. Most residential garages require little to no floor preparation.