Drymate Garage Floor Mat

Drymate Garage MatSTOP water in its tracks and protect your floor. No more mess and no more falls! We are now offering the Drymate MAX garage floor mats. Tougher, stronger and made in the Mid West for cold wet climates, the Drymate Max Mat is taking the industry by storm! Drymate Max Garage Floor Mats are like a carpet for your garage, but better! They hold 5x their weight in water! The new Drymate Max will not pill even under daily use. Canadian Customers Order Here Drymate carpet mats are being discontinued to make room for our new TruContain® carpet mats coming this spring!We stock a complete selection of PVC, containment and other garage floor mats. Click here for our full selection of garage floor mats.

Drymate Absorbent Garage Floor Mats. In Stock & shipped the same day!

 Drymate Absorbent Garage Floor Mats. In Stock & shipped the same day! The Drymate Max is designed to protect your concrete by absorbing oil, water, snow and more. We STOCK Drymate so you have it faster!



Drymate Garage Floor Runner 29″x9′


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$ 39.99


Drymate Garage Floor Runner 29″x18′


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$ 67.99


Drymate Maintenance Mat / All Purpose Mat 54″x72″

SKU: MMC5472

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$ 46.99


Oil Dri Garage Guard 2x3

SKU: L90793

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$ 14.99
Looking for an easy, affordable way to protect the concrete floor in your garage, while absorbing motor oil, snow, rain, mud, etc? The Drymate garage floor mat is an easy, affordable and attractive alternative to containment mats and other roll out garage flooring products.Drymate garage floor mat features a waterproof, bonded backing that prevents oil and other drips and spills machine washablefrom leaking through to your garage floor. It will absorb five times its weight! This same backing is also slip resistant and helps keep the mat in place. It protects your floor while hiding cracks and stains. It will also help to reduce the amount of dirt and grime you track into your home.Protects From Dirt Absorbs OilA Drymate Garage Floor Mat is relatively durable and stain resistant and you can simply hose or power wash it off with soap and water. The Drymate garage floor mat  is made of 50% recycled fibersThe Drymate garage floor mat comes in two sizes 7’4″ x 17 or 20 feet and is shipped in a 45″ x 9″ x 9″ box weighing between 15 and 17 pounds. Important Note: These are not PVC garage floor mats. They are a lightweight product that feels like felt and has a rubberized backing. Note: Some coated floors may stick to the backing on this product and in rare cases if the coating is tacky or has poor adhesion, the coating could stick to the mat.

Drymate Garage Floor Mat Options

 We have recently added our small vehicle mats for a dry, safe place to step out of your vehicle or place in front of your workspace. We also added our small vehicle mat. Our customers love parking their cars on Drymate garage mats, so we thought we should give them a place to park their toys!Note: Drymate garage floor mats are shipped such that they may be folded prior to being rolled and it may take some time for the creases to flatten out.Product Pages:17′ Drymate Garage Floor Mat20′ Drymate Garage Floor Mat*When ordered by Noon MST