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Overhead Garage Storage

Overhead storage racks are available from many manufacturers. They are available at fixed and adjustable heights, and you can even purchase racks that can be raised up and down. Make sure you check out our Tire Storage and Hyloft Garage Storage Shelf.

Hyloft Overhead Storage

Hyloft Overhead Storage



SKU: 00540

Price Each:

$ 68.99


SKU: 00625

Price Each:

$ 68.99

Adjustable Ceiling Kit

SKU: 80842-10

Price Each:

$ 33.18

27x36 Ceiling Mounted Shelf

SKU: 00526

Price Each:

$ 40.00

60x45 Ceiling Mounted Shelf

SKU: 50175-10

Price Each:

$ 131.36


A whole host of specialty overhead garage organizer products also exist. Bike, overhead truck top, overhead canoe, and overhead ladder storage are all available.

Practical Storage

Overhead StorageStorage has to be designed so it is practical. If you have two feet or more above your garage door, you have a good spot to put your stuff. Hang the racks just high enough so that the door misses them. When loading overhead garage storage racks that are above an operable door, load them only with items that are securely stowed in bins or quality boxes.


When installing overhead storage racks or devices, always make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly. Heavy items could be deadly if they were to fall on someone, or it could result in a lot of damage to property. Proper installation requires a high degree of safety and caution.

Once the equipment has been safely installed, you must still follow safe practices. Make sure you load your racks in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions. Don’t just throw things up there, or they might fall down!

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