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Densifiers & Sealers

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Garage Floor Sealers Vs Coatings

Updated 02/26/20
So you have this brand new concrete floor in your garage, or even an older slab in good condition. You want to protect it or coat it or do something, but the minute you start searching around you get more options than you know what to do with. Next thing you know, you have a headache, your eyes have rolled back in your head and your head is spinning. Grab a drink, put on your glasses and let…


Top 3 Ways to Protect Your Concrete Against Winter Weather

Concrete is expensive. Protecting it does not have to be. We will show you the top three ways to protect your concrete. A densifier / waterproofer can be installed in the average two-car garage for under $100. From garage floors to sidewalks and driveways, this article will give you a basic idea of how to protect your concrete.

Densifier & Waterproofer

One of the most popular and inexpensive ways to protect a garage floor or exterior concrete against damage from winter…