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Permanent Roll Out Seamless Garage Flooring Quick Stick

While the vast majority of our customers install our seamless roll out garage flooring products using the quick install method that has become the trademark of the Better Life Technology G-Floor Product, a handful of customers are looking for a permanent high-end installation that can be enhanced with the use of our high gloss anti stain top coat.

Garage Flooring and BLT are Proud to release G-Floor QuickStick Instant Peel Off Floor Adhesive.

Quick Stick allows any BLT garage floor mat to become a permanently adhered, seamless roll out garage floor. While the QuickStick product is typically marketed with our high-end imaged garage floors, our customers have found it can be used just as effectively on the original G-Floor product. This creates a permanent flooring solution for as low as $2.09 a square foot.

Quick StickSimply order any BLT Roll Out Garage Flooring Products. Then order enough QuickStick adhesive and seam tape. For a high gloss, anti stain result we recommend our Anti stain top coat as a great option.

Select Adhesive Product

Select Adhesive Product


QuickStick 337 Sq Ft Roll Out Pressure sensitive adhesive


Price Each:

$ 245.00

G-Floor Seaming Tape 4″ x 30 Yards


Price Each:

$ 164.00