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Read Before Installing: Polyurea Common Mistakes and Troubleshooting

Our time-proven Polyurea has been simplified into easy-to-order kits . We would highly suggest you review our main polyurea page for additional product information as this page focuses on the kits themselves. Our kits are figured at 200 Sq. Ft. / gallon, which provides as much as 33% thicker system than our competitors. Flake colors show once selected. They are also in the gallery on the top right of the page. 

Polyurea Garage Floor Coating kits with Full Broadcast Flake


Project Profiles




Polyurea Garage Floor Coating

Polyurea Garage Floor Coating

From: $32.99

Build your own Polyurea kit or get extra material with…

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Polyurea 2-Coat Garage Floor Coating Kits

Polyurea 2-Coat Garage Floor Coating Kits

From: $185.99

A beautifully high-gloss UV stable coating that is as easy…

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Polyurea 3-Coat Garage Floor Coating Kits

Polyurea 3-Coat Garage Floor Coating Kits

From: $321.99

Our high-gloss easy-install Polyurea with an extra coat for durability.…

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Polyurea 3-Coat Full Broadcast Coating Kits

Polyurea 3-Coat Full Broadcast Coating Kits

From: $415.99

The thickest of our Polyurea Kits, the Full Broadcast comes…

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48405 Acme 9″ Roller Frame

48405 Acme 9″ Roller Frame

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9″ Pro-Grade Woven Shed-Resistant Roller Cover – 3/8″ Nap

9″ Pro-Grade Woven Shed-Resistant Roller Cover – 3/8″ Nap

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A Better Garage Floor Coating

There are so many garage floor coatings out there. Each of them has its own benefits. Polyurea, Polyaspartic, and urethanes, especially moisture-cured urethanes have become all the rage in the garage flooring industry. Why? When you epoxy coat a garage floor, what do you do next? You protect it with urethane! We introduced a hybrid Polyura, Polyaspartic with the single component properties of moisture-cured urethane! This means you get an incredibly durable and chemical-resistant floor that comes with an installation process you can handle. Virtually unlimited pot-life. No roller marks and no guessing. Of course, we still require some floor prep! Data Sheet and Product Info Download

NOTICE: We are unable to ship to areas that fall under South Coast Air Quality Management District Rules in CA.

Easy Prep

Untreated concrete floors can easily and safely be prepared without grinding or the use of muriatic acid by using our safer etching method for garage floors Read our related article about the Do’s and Dont’s of Garage Floor Paint.

Flake & Coating Colors

Simply select the flake and base coat colors to preview them

Price vs Thickness

Coatings are three-dimensional. We tend to look at them like paint on a wall. How much do we need to cover an area? The best trick in the book is to give someone an inexpensive system by taking the same gallon of material and spreading it over 300 Sq. Ft. instead of 200 Sq. Ft. Our kits are based on a spread rate of 200 Sq. Ft. per gallon. Don’t just ‘cover’ your floor. You are building thickness. Even our two-coat system is designed to be up 4.4 times thicker than inexpensive garage coatings and 20-30% thicker than similarly designed competitors. More coating on the floor means better color depth, better gloss better performance and it does a better job hiding our flaws.

Is This The Right Coating?

To be clear, there is no coating that is perfect for anyone. This is absolutely the coating we would suggest for the vast majority of our customers. We like to have a closer look if you have specific chemicals you know your floor will be exposed to. If you are going to be welding, you should call us. If you have a floor that was heavily damaged and has a lot of repairs there are times a 100% solids epoxy makes more sense. It is also important to understand that coatings are not a perfect fit to every situation and every customer. If you have questions, CALL US.

Important Tinting & Mixing

Tint always comes prepackaged for a 1-gallon container. For all colors EXCEPT White and Yellow: If you have a quart that needs tinted use 5 Fluid Ounces of tint. 10 Fluid Ounces for a half-gallon. Etc. Always mix all tinted material together before applying to the floor. Our 100 Sq. Ft. add-on kits are priced as inexpensively as possible. To do this you may need to split a gallon. For example, if you need 1/2 gallon of clear and 1/2 gallon of color, we are sending a gallon. You would separate it and tint half.

For the color White or Yellow use the entire content of the container for 1 gallon. If you have a quart that needs tinted use 7.5 Fluid Ounces of tint. 15 Fluid Ounces for a half-gallon. Etc. Always mix all tinted material together before applying it to the floor.

Installation & Customer Photos

We have additional installation instructions and Several project profiles on our Blog. It is also important to understand that Polyurea has a strong chemical odor. Proper ventilation and proper respirator are required at the time of installation. Depending on ventilation and surfaces in the garage the amount of time it will take for the odor to dissipate will vary. All solvents are gone from the product in 3 days at 70 degrees given proper temperature, installation, and ventilation. Our polyurea continues to be one of the best garage floor coatings of 2022 & 2023! While we prefer polyurea, some of our customers still love epoxy.

Popular with East Coast Residents for a Reason

We don’t generally point out a specific region of the country but the popularity of this product in SOuth Florida and treasure coast residents is impressive. South Florida residents report that the product performs extremely well in their salty environment. If you have spent much time on the coast you will note that the salt air and salt water destroys almost everything. Our Polyurea garage floor coating kits seem to be an exception!

The Perfect Match

We’ve built a kit for every floor. You want a simple 2 coat system with some flakes. We’ve got that. Do you want a clear that brings out the natural beauty of your concrete? Done! High end three-coat flake systems… simplified! You want a full broadcast floor where you see nothing but flake and two coats of clear to make it feel nice under your creeper. We’ve got it. From 250 Sq. Ft. to 1,000 Sq. Ft. we have kits that will work in your garage! Need a little more? We have add-on kits so you can get exactly what you need! Our Polyurea is also available individually if our kits do not meet your needs.

Winter Installation

We are now able to approve cold weather installation down to indoor temperatures of 35 degrees Fahrenheit — most attached garages exceed this in many parts of the country. In order to do cold weather installation, we suggest checking air and concrete temperatures. Then we suggest warming up the garage for two days prior to the first coat. Even leaving the door between the garage and the house helps. Recoat times are 6-15 hours and you must wait 7 -10 days before using the floor. Finally, it is required that all winter installs do our free ‘phone walkthrough’ prior to installation.


We do not suggest or include primer with our kits and we are aware that others do. In round numbers, Polyurea is 30% solvents. a high solids epoxy primer is 10% solvents. Our Polyurea will penetrate better than epoxy primers, even lower solids water-based products. Primers are an inexpensive way to increase mil thickness. We increase Mil thickness, color consistency, and reduce application issues by providing a higher build of Polyurea. That, after all, is what you are paying for. This is based on decades of experience and actual scientific data from the chemists that formulate the product. It also means all your coating came from a single source.

Three Floor Coating Options

Polyurea Garage Floor Coating Kits come in three different options. The two coat system has the lowest polyurea garage floor coating cost. Full broadcast has the highest Polyurea garage floor coating kits cost. We do not offer a polyurea spray spray at this time.

Two Coat System: Our two coat system is two options in one. Your choice of a beautiful gray garage floor coating with a heavy broadcast of flakes OR a simple yet beautiful option of two coats of clear to bring out your concretes natural beauty. The flake system includes one color coat and one clear coat. The clear system is two coats of clear. This system is perfect for residential garages in relatively good physical condition. This is the basic system we have been selling for years. It performs incredibly well and for most of us, more coats are simply not required. We are using a lower spread rate so you end up with a considerably thicker system.

Three Coat System: This system was specifically designed for those looking for a color option. It does offer a thicker system so we do offer it in gray as well. We find that colors look better when they are applied in two coats. Let’s face it. None of us are coatings contractors. When you want a white floor, you want a white floor. You don’t want concrete showing through. Two coats of color give you incredibly high shine and increased durability. Finish it off with the included clear and you have an outstanding system that hides some flaws in the concrete underneath. This system is perfect for anyone who wants color, commercial applications, and those of us who tend to beat our floors up a little — you know who you are!

Three Coat Full Broadcast System: In a full broadcast system, flakes are not just a decorative item. They are part of your floor. They create a fourth layer that makes for one of the most durable and beautiful coatings systems on the market. The system will hide most repairs and provide years of enjoyment. Our system in specific will also smooth out much of the texture. This system is perfect if you like to beat the heck out of your floor or if you just love the unmistakable look of a full broadcast system.

Need Extra?

We have built a little forgiveness into the amount of coatings we shipped (see exceptions below). 250 Sq. Ft. systems could effectively cover up to 300 Square feet. 500 Sq. Ft. Systems could effectively cover Up to 600 Square Feet. 750 Sq. Ft. Systems could effectively cover up to 900 Sq. Ft. and 1000 Sq. Ft. systems could effectively cover up to 1,200 Sq. Ft. You would be reducing your Mil thickness but would still be well within range. You may need additional flake on full broadcast systems. We also sell add on kits. You will need to split ad on kits to cover all coats before tinting. We do not suggest stretching 2 coat tan kits as the full Mil thickness may be necessary to prevent bleed through. Clear kits may be stretched even further or even doubled if you do a single coat of clear at 200 Sq. Ft. per gallon.