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Premium Garage Floor Tiles Install Instructions

***WARNING: Do not step on loose tiles as these may slip and cause injury***

Installing The Tile Floor

Begin at Front of Garage, at door.

install garage floor tiles as shown

1.) Tiles must be site conditioned at room temperature (72° F or higher) for a period of 24 hours prior to installation. It is ideal to put the tiles which will be placed at the front of the garage in the direct sunlight for a period of time prior to installation to allow the tiles to expand, especially if they will be exposed to direct sunlight when the garage door is open.

2.) Standing inside of your garage looking out into the street, begin at the top left hand corner of the space to be covered.

3.) Install an edge on each of the tiles at the front of the garage using the connector clips (adapters) you have been provided. These connector clips convert male peg to female loop enabling the edges to snap onto the tile.  You want the edge to fall just before the garage door seal. Close your garage door and butt the tile with the edge up to the door. The edges should sit behind the closed door.

4.) Set the first tile down, taking care to place the “smooth” side left and top with the transition edge at the top of the tile (see top diagram).  Place the next tile to the right of that, “smooth” sides left and top, interlocking the pegs under the second tile down onto the loops of the first tile. A tap with the palm of your hand should be sufficient to set the tile tightly. You can make a quick walk over all seams to ensure all tiles are securely snapped.

5.) A minimum expansion gap of ½” should be left at the walls and any other obstacle such as beams, cabinets and heavy equipment. Tiles should be laid around heavy equipment and not under them to allow for expansion and contraction.

6.) Continue working towards the right making sure to leave a ½” gap at the walls (both left and right side of garage as well as the back wall).

7.) If cutting your tile at the wall is necessary you may want to install this row of tile last, as well as the last row against the rear of the garage and do all of your cutting at once. All tile products can be cut with the use of a wood cutting saw such as a Circular Saw, Jig Saw, Table Saw or even a hand saw for detailed areas.

8.) An underlay is available to reduce noise and soften up the floor. This is only recommended where excessive moisture is not present. If the floor will be exposed to excessive water or liquids then the underlay should not be used.

NOTE: For high moisture environments please consider using our open profile drainage tiles or incorporate our open profile sport tiles together with our diamond tiles to allow moisture to escape thus maintaining a dry sub-surface.

In some applications, direct sunlight or ambient heat can cause expansion in the tiles and special installation measures may need to be taken. Your floor may require trimming around the perimeter a few weeks after installation due to settling of the material.

If you have questions, please contact Garage Flooring for further information by calling 800-956-4301