Premium Sport & Drain Tile $3.95/SF

Premium Sport and Drain TileOur True Lock Plus premium 13″x13″ sport and drain tile is tough enough for garage flooring but is also great for basketball and tennis courts as well as roller hockey arena flooring. Many of our customers will use this tile in combination with our Diamond, Coin or Ultra Flat tile to provide drainage underneath the tires. Our True Lock line of garage floor tiles are all Made in the USA.

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You will find similar tiles at much, much higher prices. We invite you to order a tile and we will ship it for free. Compare it to each and every other tile on the market. We believe you, like us, will find this tile to the best value in the industry.

sport floor close upLike all of our premium garage floor tiles, our sport and drain tile is made only from the highest quality materials and has 5 locks per side. We offer a 15 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Our Premium line of garage floor tiles is available in other pasterns as well. Please follow any of the links below for additional information on other patterns.

Diamond | Coin | Sport & Drain | Ultra Flat | Rib Drain Tile


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TrueLock Plus Sport and Drain Garage Floor Tiles

TrueLock Plus Sport and Drain Garage Floor Tiles Each tile is 13 inches. Typically edging is used at the entrance to the garage and corners are not necessary. If you are going to do a parking pad that is not wall to wall you will need edges on all sides and 4 corners. We include clips for half your edges at no extra charge when you order more than 25 edges



TrueLock Sport & Drain Tile 13" x 13"

SKU: A-908.100

Price Each:

$ 4.70


TrueLock 13" Tile Corners

SKU: A-909.160

Price Each:

$ 1.50


TrueLock 13" Tile Edges

SKU: A-909.130

Price Each:

$ 2.00


TrueLock 13" Tile Clips

SKU: A-908.270

Price Each:

$ 0.10

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