We collect information, cookies, etc in an effort to serve you better. We do not sell or share your information, except as necessary to process any order or transaction or respond to communication. We use Google Analytics and Live Help Now and both of these third-party systems collect information on our behalf for our use only.


No Spam Guarantee: We will not send you advertising material at any time for any reason unless you ask for it. You can order a sample or place an order being confident in our no spam guarantee. We will follow-up on orders and samples in a way that is ethical and practical.

For example, if you place a credit card order, your credit card information is transmitted via a gateway to our processor.  If we ship you an order, your information is shared with the manufacturer or distributor that is drop shipping the product for us as well as the freight carrier who is delivering it.

We do follow-up with our customers using the information they provided, based on what has transpired. For example if you request samples, we will tell you that we got the request, that the request was sent, ask if you got the samples and follow-up two more times. If you place an order we are going to do the same.