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Concrete Repair Materials

Our joint filler can be initially leveled with a putty knife and trimmed with a razor. IMPORTANT: We would like to make it clear that filling the expansion joints in your concrete before coating with epoxy is often the part of the project that people mess up. Filling expansion joints is not a required part of coating a floor. If you choose to do so we highly suggest you read the 829 Product information sheet we have developed AND take Justin up on his offer and call him before you install it! Filling joints is done at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible if it does not go as planned — that’s not to say we won’t try and help you fix it. Just stop, read, call and do it right. NEW: We are launching TL831 joint filler. It is easier to use than the TL829 and does not require ‘slicing’. It still does require exact mixing and it will cure quickly.

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We offer a wide range of concrete repair materials for preparing your floor for a garage floor coating. The TL PATCH Concrete Patch kits are ideal for repairing spalling concrete, large holes and thresholds. They combine epoxy resins with an aggregate for a tough yet flexible repair. Fast cure and easy to use. Perfect for the DIY epoxy project. No primer is necessary. Coverage varies a lot, but here is a good rule of thumb. You are going to need 1/2 to 3/4 lbs. of aggregate for an 1/8″ deep area per square foot. You will need 1-1.5 lbs. of aggregate for a 1/4″ deep areas per square foot. Filling an expansion joint can be the hardest part of o coating project. Please take the time to speak with one of our representatives before using a joint filler and take the time to read all the documents. If not done properly, you can end up with a sticky mess or material that is hardened and unusable. Our joint filler is a no grind filler. Simply fill the joint, use a putty knife to pack and smooth the material. Once cured just scrape off the rest with a razor.

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