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Diamabrush Concrete Prep and Coating Removal Tools

Diamabrush Concrete Prep Plus and Coating Removal Tools are a must-have if you plan to grind your floor to prepare it for a coating. As the name suggests, if your floor does not already have a coating on it, you will want the Concrete Prep Plus tool instead of the Coating Removal tool. These are the disc/blade attachments only and do not include a buffer.

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All sales are final on Diamabrush tools. These attachments are made to order and we do not accept returns for this product.

Concrete Prep Plus Tool: The Diamabrush concrete plus prep tool is the ideal and easier way to prep your floor for epoxy coatings. Attaches to standard equipment you can find at most rental places. The Diamabrush Concrete Prep Plus Tool lasts over 4 times longer than the original concrete prep tool. We like to separate out the products by how and where they should be used. The concrete prep plus tool is the preferred choice for the typical 17″ sander or buffer that you would rent locally. You would typically use two of them for LARGE propane powered auto scrubbers, but would use the concrete prep tool in battery powered scrubbers.

You need to know which way the unit spins, CW (clockwise) or CCW (counter clockwise) and most of the time you are going to order the tool one inch less that the buffer size. For example, most rental buffers are 17″ CCW, so you would order the 16″ 25 Grit CCW Concrete Prep Plus tool. Its so common, we made it first on our list. In most cases the manufacturer recommends 25 grit for epoxy coatings. Check with your material supplier to confirm.

Coating Removal Tool:

Most homeowners and contractors that are renting equipment prefer the 16″ 25 Grit CCW (counter-clockwise) 10 blade tool. It makes efficient work of both removing the old coating and preparing the surface below for epoxy coatings. If you are using a thin build system, check with the supplier for grid recommendations.