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Dustless Wet Dry Vac for Concrete Grinding

When you are doing a garage floor coating or an industrial floor coating that requires floor prep, dust control becomes a crucial element. Dust control while grinding is not only important to your health, it is important to the success of the job itself. We also understand that not everyone has a need for a high end shop vac and shroud.

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This Wet/dry vac goes from wet to dry without changing the filter. We have combined it with their best dust shroud -- not the cheap one, the good one and a two pack of pre filters. This unit was build for floor prep. Extra fine dust: drywall, concrete, stone, fiberglass and slurry. In addition to the extras in this kit, the basic vac includes:
  • (1) 16-gallon DustlessVac
  • (2) extension wands
  • (1) outer filter
  • (1) inner filter
  • (1) WunderBag™ micro pre-filter
  • (1) crevice tool
  • (1) floor tool
  • (1) 1.5″ x 12′ crush-resistant hose

While we distribute the entire line of Dustless products, in conferring with the manufacturer, coatings manufacturers and grinding manufacturers, we believe this kit is the most effective way to go for controlling dust while grinding concrete. As many people prefer to grind wet, the ability of this unit to work with wet or dry surfaces without changing the filter is a phenomenal benefit.