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G-Floor Ribbed Garage Floor Mats

So your garage floor is an ugly mess and you want to clean it up without spending a fortune and without using harsh chemicals. Perhaps you have a brand-new garage floor and you want to keep it looking that way! The BLT Ribbed Garage Floor Mat has been the preferred answer for tens of thousands of homeowners. 5’x10′ mats are cut out of 10′ stock so the ribs run the opposite direction from standard mats.

Custom Sizes: Minimum order of 5 ft. and maximum of 100 ft. per mat

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Perfect for Northern or wet climates. The Ribbed pattern mat is an great choice for workspaces and garages that see a frequent number of spills and liquids. With the ribbed channels, messes are contained until cleanup is done. Along with its functionality, the Ribbed texture provides traction for slip resistance, perfect for any garage, workshop or utility space.


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Justin Says: “It is important to understand what you are buying. G-Floor mats are made from PVC. They are great at protecting the garage floor. When installed over larger areas they can have expansion and contraction issues if not fully adhered. Some tires and chemicals will stain this product. Many customers love their G-Floor product while others find rigid garage floor tiles to be more stain resistant and less likely to have expansion and contraction issues over larger areas”.

G-Floor Ribbed Garage Floor Mats are the best G-Floor mats for wet and snowy areas. Whether they are used as a full-floor covering or a parking pad, paired with a slant in the floor they will channel water towards your garage door and protect your floor from road salts and other liquids. With ribs running along the length of the mat, they will keep water from spreading to the sides, keeping your cabinets and/or walls safe from water and chemicals even without a slant.

Quick Installation

The BLT G-Floor ribbed garage floor mat is a roll out PVC garage flooring that replaces the need for time-consuming epoxy products and interlocking garage floor tiles. In many cases you can complete your installation in under two hours and drive on your new floor right away!


The mats are constructed from 110 Mil PVC. 110 Mil thickness is more than adequate for most residential garages. The ribs run the length of the mat.
BLT G-Floor mats are referred to by their total thickness as opposed to the base thickness. This is a more accurate way to compare the product to other products on the market. Some older references may differ, but the actual thickness has not changed. The top of the ribs is 110 Mils thick, and the base is 55 Mils.


All BLT G-Floor garage floor mats can be installed individually as ‘Parking Pads’ are they can be used to cover the entire garage floor. The ribbed pattern offers the unique advantages of being able to contain and channel water and debris. Instead of running all over your garage floor, moisture stays within the grooves.


The grooves are tall enough to break up the cohesive bond of water and other liquids, but short enough that you can easily walk across it barefoot or roll a toolbox to a new position. G-Floor is stored flat and shipped rolled. If you unroll your new flooring as soon as you receive it, G-Floor tends to lay flat after it is fully relaxed.

BLT floor protection provides anti-fatigue benefits and hides stains and cracks in older floors. Easily moved when cleaning is needed. Our mats are easy to cut for custom fitting. They provide a cushion for walking and working as well as noise reduction and thermal insulation. This product is ultra-durable and made to last for years.


Please note that all 10′ product will ship via freight. The customer will be required to be home and help unload the product from the truck.

Garage Flooring has the guaranteed lowest prices on all BLT mats, as well as free shipping to any location in the contiguous U.S.

This ribbed pattern floor protection is ideal for garages used for parking a truck, car, or SUV. It can catch oil, mud, battery acid, water, dirt, and other grime and channel these towards the garage door.

This flooring protects your concrete and beautifies your garage in your choice of several colors. We now carry a full line of BLT Seaming and Adhesive Products. Please note that BLT Garage Floor Mats are not a stain-proof product. The product has been installed in thousands of garages nationwide, but certain chemicals or tires may cause stains. The manufacturer does offer a stain blocker for anyone seeking additional protection.

BLT roll-out protection reduces the amount of grime tracked into your home or commercial location. Easy installation, with no adhesives needed, means you can install the product and move back into your garage the same day. BLT mats help prevent concrete deterioration and act as a vapor barrier that moisture cannot penetrate. This helps prevent soil, concrete, and water contamination. You can overlap (10′ product) or butt multiple sheets together for a seamless look.

Why Ribbed Garage Floor Mats

When it comes to durable roll-out garage flooring, the ribbed garage mat is the best option for areas where water spreading around the garage is a concern. While it does not have raised edges like a containment mat, it easily channels water towards the garage door if the floor has a slant and prevents liquids from spreading to the sides of the mat. While most containment mats are not thick enough to protect garage floor coatings from hot tire lift, the ribbed mat helps keep your floor dry while protecting anything you have installed underneath it.


WARNING This product can expose you to chemicals including – Vinyl chloride monomer; Carbon black; Ethyl acrylate; Titanium dioxide; Rutile (TiO2); 1,2-benzendikarboxylsyra,di-C8-10-alkyl ester, grenad; Nickel antimony yellow rutile (C.I. Pigment Yellow 53); Quartz; which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or Diisodecyl phthalate; which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov