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Garage Door Thresholds

Our garage door threshold seal kit comes complete with everything you need to install the threshold and seal your door. No more water, bugs, dirt, debris, and rodents that enter your home through your garage. This seals your door by counter-flashing the bottom seal and forming a barrier to pests, dirt, water, and debris! Please note that we now offer the G-Floor garage door threshold in black and the Tsunami Seal in gray, brown and black.

Important Note : The BLT kit contains only the threshold and the adhesive, and it has a 48-hour lead time for shipment. The Tsunami Seal is generally shipped the same day, includes a caulk gun, comes in three different colors, and has a lifetime warranty. Both products are PVC. We recommend black as it does not show tire marks.

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We offer two brands of garage door thresholds. There is no noticeable difference between the raw materials or quality. Both are American Made. The G-Floor threshold is less expensive and comes with the threshold and a 5-Year Warranty but no adhesive. The Tsunami Seal includes a caulking gun, adhesive, and a limited lifetime warranty.

A garage door threshold from Garage Flooring will seal your door and keep the premises drier and cleaner.

Installing the material and sealing your garage door is easy. Simply position, mark, and glue. Each product comes with detailed printed instructions.

Unlike other seals on the market, Tsunami Seal comes with adhesive and a caulking gun (gun and adhesive not included on G-Floor brand). Tsunami seal is ready to install with no extra tools! All of our thresholds are sold at the guaranteed lowest prices.

The threshold measures 3-1/2″ in width and 1/2″ thick at its tallest point. The seal is concave on one side and stair-stepped on the other to give you the most options when installing.