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TrueLock HDXT Coin Garage Tiles

Ships Immediately from Grand Junction, CO. The perfect garage floor tile? We took over a decade and a half of garage flooring experience. We talked to some of our most demanding customers. We listened to our base in the various garage forums. We combined the science and engineering behind the undisputed leading garage floor tiles with a highly functional, easy-to-clean, outstanding traction small coin garage tile. We created the perfect combination of beauty, function, and price. We compromised on nothing. This polypropylene tile can be interlocked with our HD Ribbed for drainage or Carpet tiles. White Color Currently Only $2.00

PACKAGING: Tiles will arrive locked together in 2×2 squares.

Size: 12″ x 12″ x 1/2″ thick

Edge Pieces

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TrueLock HDXT Coin garage tiles and the garage floor tile of choice for working garages where tool benches, stools, and other equipment on casters. It also makes for an outstanding floor for a man cave or exercise area -- just add some workout mats. Remember tile edges too.


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Jusin Says: TrueLock HDXT tiles are one of our favorite offerings. We took a time proven, highly engineered garage floor tile substrate and matched it with a redesigned top plate that provided a better appearance, improved traction and performance.

TrueLock HDXT is our upgraded version of the original TrueLock HD tile. We took years of customer feedback and made it into a top end garage floor tile.

Why Smaller Coins

Small coins are a working person’s best friend. There are several reasons behind this. First, small coins, by nature are closer together. Because the coins are closer together, more of the surface of the tile has a pattern to it. That means more material per tile and more durability. Our tile weighs 20-33% more than many of our competitors’ tiles. Even more important, because the coins are closer together, even smaller wheels roll across the top surface of the tile. This greatly reduces the rolling resistance when using a creeper or moving a toolbox. View Customer Tile Projects, Reviews and Articles NOTICE: Tile prices are fluctuating rapidly. As prices continue to rise, we are unable to match previous prices. Printed materials and even some locations on the website may have old prices. We are only able to honor the current price in the add-to-cart section.

Core Strength

Our garage floor tiles are strong! We took the science behind the best garage tile in the industry and added more material to the top surface. So we have a very tight-knit substructure that will support massive rolling loads and will not crush. Then we added more mass to increase the performance of the product even more. One trick we highly suggest at installation is the use of synthetic underlayment. This promotes an even quieter floor without impacting performance.

12 Year Warranty

This product comes with a 12 Year Manufacturer defect warranty. The manufacturer warrants that the materials supplied shall be free from manufacturing defects for a period of twelve (12) years from the date of installation. View Installation InstructionsB4 Floor Prep


Our HDXT tiles have no PCBs or Formaldehyde, and they will not off-gas at typical garage temperatures.

Point Loads

We always suggest pucks under kickstands and plywood under jacks, and jack stands on all garage flooring products.

Textured. Art & Science.

We added a very light texture to the top of the coin while leaving the base smooth. This creates a contrast that makes the coins ‘pop’. The light texture maintains an easy-to-clean surface while increasing traction underfoot. The light texture makes the tile look more natural and less plasticy. One of the best parts for those of us who do work in the garage, the light texture helps to hide scuffs and keep the floor looking new. This item is a sale item, and no coupon codes or discounts apply.

Airflow Is Key

Take a raw material that has been tested and shown to be resistant to fungus. Add a highly engineered subsurface that allows water to escape and air to flow. You are left with a garage tile that does not promote the growth of fungus, mold, or mildew. The materials have been tested in accordance with ASTM G 21 to be Fungus resistant — No Growth. It is important to note that if you spill food or beverage, or other organic items, you should clean the floor, and you want to make sure you start with and maintain a clean substrate.

A Little Edgy — Male & Female Edges

Have you ever had one of those conversations with your kids where you end up saying, ‘because I said so!’ If this paragraph does not make complete sense, or if you disagree with the industry logic, just do it because we said so. The flat sides of the tile are the male side. They have a little peg underneath that locks into the loop (female side). Standing outside your garage, looking in, you want a flat ‘male’ side of the tile to your left and facing you. That means for a wall-to-wall installation, you only need to order enough female edges to go from track to track at your garage door — usually 10-12 feet for one-car garages and 16 to 20 feet for two-car garages.

Intended for The Garage

These products are intended for fully enclosed garages, any exterior application is not covered under warranty or suggested.

One of the things that customers love about the HDXT garage floor tiles is they can create the exact floor they have been looking for. HDXT tiles and the HD/HDXT ribbed garage floor tiles are, for most customers, the best option. While they are not as heavy as RaceDeck brand, unless you plan on using lifts and jacks on a daily basis HDXT is the perfect tile for you/

Color swatches and even photos of the actual tile are not the most accurate way to pick a color. It will vary from monitor to monitor, in many cases considerably. We highly suggest you order a free sample prior to placing your order for garage floor tiles.