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Garage Grip® Garage Carpet

Rugged, recycled, easy-to-clean carpet garage floor mats that help contain snow, mud, oil, and dirt while allowing for the use of studded tires*! We are proud to offer the American Made ultra heavy-duty garage floor carpet mat! Simply put, some mats look good, some mats contain and some mats provide anti-fatigue and anti-slip properties. These mats bring it all. We Also offer G-Floor absorbent mats.

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A stylish, stain resistant, & comfortable alternative to our TruContain mats, these heavy duty carpet mats absorb water and dry instead of holding water with raised edges. Garage Grip orders ship from Grand Junction, CO the same business day if the order is placed before 2 PM MDT, and ship via UPS Ground.

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Enhance Your Garage with Garage Grip® Carpet Mat

Stop messing with snap-on edges, rubber hoses or PVC mats that stain when you drive on them. These heavy-duty carpet garage floor mats are ready to go. Just unroll them and give them a little time and warmth to relax. Instant garage floor with almost no work or prep!

No Felt-Like Carpet. This is the Real Deal.

Yup. You can go buy a thin, felt-like carpet mat for less than half the price. If that is what you are looking for this simply isn’t it. The fabric textile surface is made of 100% synthetic polyester plastic fiber, so it doesn’t stain. Instead of thin rubber, our polyester fabric is attached to TPO that won’t rip or blow away when you open your garage door — unless you live in Wyoming, then all bets are off.


Unlike other products, our sustainable surface is made from recycled plastic bottles. That means you can have a garage floor you will enjoy while still satisfying the ‘Tree Hugger’ in you.

Easy to Clean & Store

Cleaning is easy by vacuuming. To clean out oil or liquids, simply hose off the mat after applying standard detergent or carpet cleaner. Cleaning is simple. If you have a helper, have one person stand on the front edge and use a push broom to sweep everything out. No helper? No Problem! Just use a good wet-dry vacuum. What about storage? Clean it, let it dry, roll it up and save it for later. Try doing that with snap-on edges.

Transform Your Garage

Garage Grip® Transforms your whole garage into a useable space such as a gym. office, playroom, or laundry room. In the alternative, you can create a parking space that will stay dry and safer to walk on. The bottom line is you can reclaim your garage for pennies on the dollar with a carpet mat that is thicker and lusher (yet tougher) than commercial or indoor-outdoor carpeting.

Almost Too Good To Be True

An anti-slip, fungal resistant surface that naturally resists stains, soils and fading. Born in the oil fields, it offers industrial-grade durability you can drive a truck on — with the recycled material to make your Hybrid proud. It has a thick, water, and oil-proof backing that protects the concrete underneath while the surface is easy to clean. Vacuum it or hose it off, even use some detergents where you need to. No harm done. The oil and dirt come right off!

*Studded Tires

Our Ultra HD Carpet mats have been used with studded tires without issue. Reasonable care needs to be exercised. You need to pull in and out at slow speeds and not turn studded tires on the mats. Because of potential abuse, we cannot warranty punctures from studded tires but we can say with 100% confidence that this mat is studded-tire resistant.