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High Solids DIY Epoxy

We took our premium TL707 epoxy, originally formulated as 100% solids and added a small amount of solvent to make the product easier to install for the DIY consumer. While others advertise this same system as 100% solids, the truth is it is actually 93% solids. Our consumers, especially at the DIY level, are getting all the benefits of a thick coat of epoxy with a small amount of solvents. These solvents are designed to give you superior penetration into the concrete while reducing off-gassing. Coverage on epoxy products varies depending on how thick you apply it. We estimate coverage at 200 Sq. Ft. per gallon. Distributors love to throw out high numbers for coverage. The math is really simple. The thicker the build the lower the coverage. The spread rate will vary 133-267 sq ft/gal @ 6-12 mils. Like all garage floor epoxy, proper preparation is a must. You can grind or acid etch your floor and make sure you remove all oil stains.

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Our high solids epoxy offers similar performance to our 100% solids epoxy but is more forgiving and easier to install.

NOTICE: We are unable to ship to areas that fall under South Coast Air Quality Management District Rules in CA.

High Build Epoxy System is a high build, colored epoxy/urethane, high-performance concrete coating system. It is used for environments requiring an attractive, high-performance floor or when a concrete floor has sustained damage requiring a moderately thick surface. The system shown above is how we like to use it, but it can be used without the top coat. Many customers will install it without primer, but we feel primer is highly recommended.

100% Solids Epoxy is the preferred product for professional applicators. Using a high solids product in place of a true 100% solids product reduces out-gassing issues commonly associated with DIY projects. A high solids penetrating epoxy gives you the best of both worlds.

Many industrial customers prefer our orange peel texture. It hides flaws in concrete and application and is perfect for high use areas. Click here for our 100% solids orange peel product. Like all garage floor epoxy, proper preparation is a must. You can grind or acid etch your floor and make sure you remove all oil stains.


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How to Build Your Own Epoxy Kit:

  1. Determine Your square footage.
  2. Order appropriate amount of primer.
  3. Order appropriate amount of base coat.
  4. Order appropriate amount of flake -- We use 1# per 100 sq. ft. for a heavy random broadcast. We use 20# per 100 sq. Ft. for full broadcast.
  5. Order the appropriate top coat. For random broadcast systems, 1 coat of our aliphatic urethane is appropriate. You can use our epoxy top coat for a thicker build. For full broadcast we either suggest multiple coats of the Aliphatic urethane or a single coat of the epoxy top coat. For ultimate durability you can do a clear epoxy topcoat followed by a clear aliphatic top coat.
  6. We like the use of top coats. Many consumers will but just the epoxy down. While topcoat is in fact optional, we highly recommend it.

What Do I Still Need?

  • *Prep Materials: You will need to decide if you want to acid etch or grind your concrete to prepare it for the coating. You do not need to do both.
  • *NIOSH-Approved paint respirators for everyone working on the install
  • *Painter’s tape (Important: Tape needs to be pulled while the coating is wet and reapplied to each coat to avoid the tape getting stuck to your coating
  • Clothes that you don’t care about. The coating is very difficult to remove from clothing and skin if it dries onto them.
  • Shoe covers to avoid unwanted dirt or contaminants in the coating
  • Xylene or Mineral Spirits for removing product from surfaces in case of an accident

*-Required for a successful installation. The other items on this list are strongly recommended. Give us a call if you are unsure on what items you need.