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Polyurea Garage Floor Coating

Our premium Polyurea garage floor coating from All Weather Floors provides our customers with a blend of customer favorites from other products combined into one outstanding garage floor coating option. For most customers, our Polyurea garage floor coating kits are the best choice—same product in kit form.  Unlimited pot life, one-day installation (in many cases) and the use of a single component to create a super strong, super durable finished surface are just a few of the reasons our customers will love this new coating product. Please note that for gallons and five gallons, our pricing includes the tint pack, and there is no need to order additional ones.


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Build your own Polyurea kit or get extra material with our a-la-carte Polyurea options. NOTE: If you are using more than 1 lb./100 sq.ft. of flake, 2 clear coats are required on top of the flake and base coat. NOTICE: We are unable to ship to areas that fall under South Coast Air Quality Management District Rules in CA. Read Before Installing: Polyurea Common Mistakes and Troubleshooting


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All Weather Floors (AWF) Polyurea Concrete Coating

Our AWF Polyurea provides next-level protection for concrete surfaces in garages and industrial locations. Now available in kits! While surface preparation is required, it offers a very easy installation process with no need to add a catalyst. Unlimited pot life, outstanding chemical resistance, impervious to hot tire lifting and the single-component nature of the product, make it ideally suited for the DIY consumer, building owner and professional contractor. The system can be used stand-alone or with the addition of flake. Generally, a single base coat and single clear top coat is sufficient.

What Do I Need?

  • *Enough Polyurea coating to cover your floor (200 sq.ft. per gallon per coat) with a minimum of 1 clear coat.
  • *Enough Roller Covers for your install (200-300 sq.ft. per roller per coat)
  • *Enough Anti-Skid Additive to cover your top coat (0.5-1 lb. per gallon)
  • Flake if wanted (More than 1 lb. per 100 sq.ft. requires 2 clear coats on top to properly protect flake
  • *Prep Materials: You will need to decide if you want to acid etch or grind your concrete to prepare it for the coating. You do not need to do both.
  • *Buckets and mixing sticks/drill mixer for mixing product
  • *9″ Paint Roller Frame(s)
  • *NIOSH-Approved paint respirators for everyone working on the install
  • *Painter’s tape (Important: Tape needs to be pulled while the coating is wet and reapplied to each coat to avoid the tape getting stuck to your coating
  • Gloves and clothes that you don’t care about. The coating is very difficult to remove from clothing and skin if it dries onto them.
  • Shoe covers to avoid unwanted dirt or contaminants in the coating
  • Xylene or Mineral Spirits for removing product from surfaces in case of an accident

*-Required for a successful installation. The other items on this list are strongly recommended. Give us a call if you are unsure on what items you need.

Floor Coatings That Work

The key to any garage floor or industrial floor coating is that it works the way it is supposed to. Our high-end Polyurea garage floor coating is a step-up from our other single component products in many ways. High mil thickness, similar chemical resistance and an outstanding performance from a system that has been tested for over a decade

Less Coats, More Performance

AWF Polyurea typically only requires two coats but each coat dries thicker than our other single component products. A single color coat and single clear coat is typically sufficient for a random broadcast flake floor or solid color floor.

Polyurea Vs Rust Bullet

Rust Bullet, in many cases, does not require grinding. AFW Polyurea will require an etch or grind. AWF Polyurea is thicker and exhibits similar chemical resistance with a couple of key exceptions. If you expect long term exposure to large amounts of brake fluid or diesel fuel, Rust Bullet may be a better alternative. AWF Polyurea spreads easier than Rust Bullet. While care should still be used to avoid imperfections, you are less likely to have roller marks. AWF Polyurea is more versatile in terms of recoat times and the thicker coverage does a better job of hiding flaws in the concrete — although still not as well as epoxy.

Calculating Coverage

The short answer is to use 200 Sq. Ft./ Gallon Per Coat. It is important to understand that when coverage is inflated, the price goes down, but so does the quality.  Coverage is expressed in a range from 200 – 300 Sq. Ft. per gallon. The 300 Sq. Ft. number is rare and typically only used in cases where we are adding an extra coat. In general, we would figure coverage at 200 Sq. Ft. per gallon to be safe. Depending on the color being used, the number of coats and the amount of flake being used that number can sometimes be increased to 250 Sq. Ft. per gallon. Keep in mind full broadcast systems are much safer estimated at 200 Sq. Ft. per gallon and should NEVER exceed 250 sq. Ft. per gallon.

Eliminate Mistakes

We can’t completely eliminate installation error, however, the AWF Polyurea takes the ‘rush’ and the chemistry out of applying a garage floor coating. The product will not cure in the bucket during the installation process. The only mixing is for the tint packs to give the base coat color. Further, because it is thinner it tends to be more forgiving of poor prep than epoxy.

NEW Option: Single Coat High Gloss Clear Only

If you simply want a beautiful high gloss clear coating to bring out the natural beauty of your concrete, we have you covered. One coat of AWF Clear Polyurea spread at 200 Sq.Ft. per gallon will leave a beautiful, high gloss finish on an Eco-Etched concrete floor. That means you can have a beautiful floor for under $1 per square foot.

Simple Floor Prep

If your floor has not been sealed or coated we recommend our GhostShield Eco-Etch 1001 product for easy floor preparation.

Forget about It

We understand that you don’t want to have to stress about your floor after you are finished. That is why we offer high-quality coatings that withstand the test of time. After all garage floor coatings should resist oil and hot tire lifting. A properly installed floor, with adequate anti-wear / anti-skid, should last for years. Our floor coatings will beautify and protect your garage or industrial floor well beyond your expectations.

Please note: ANY coating product can be slick when wet. The building owner should consider carefully the use of anti-skid in gray only systems and it is required in all clear and color applications.

We have additional installation instructions and several project profiles on our Blog. It is also important to understand that Polyurea has a strong chemical odor. Proper ventilation and proper respirator are required at time of installation. Depending on ventilation and surfaces in the garage the amount of time it will take for the odor to dissipate will vary. All solvents are gone from the product in 3 days at 70 degrees given proper temperature, installation, and ventilation.

Why Polyurea?

Polyurea’s excellent UV stability and durability coupled with its ease of install makes it the best option for those that are looking to cover their floor with a beautiful and tough coating while saving time and money in the process. This coating is completely made up of material that is often used as a protective topcoat over epoxy, and it is much easier to install than an epoxy coating because it is a single component product and has up to 2 weeks of working time compared to less than 60 minutes with epoxy coatings.