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Pro Series Professional Full Broadcast Garage Floor Epoxy Systems

This is not your neighbor’s ‘big-box store’ epoxy in a pretty little package. You won’t find an attractive model walking you through how to roll it on your floor in an hour. This is the type of epoxy system not generally offered to the public. Acid etching is not going to cut it. Grind your floor; then, it starts with a high-end, maximum adhesion solvent-based epoxy primer. After that, you will squeegee on a full-thickness, 100%-solids epoxy. Then completely cover the floor with so much flake that you might need a dolly to bring it in. Next, you will run a floor buffer over the floor with 100-120 grit sandpaper. Vacuum and sweep to get rid of all the dust and apply two coats of our high-end, true polyester urethane.

These kits do not include tools for installation.

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Our highest end full broadcast system for industry professionals and skilled DIYers.

NOTICE: We are unable to ship to areas that fall under South Coast Air Quality Management District Rules in CA.


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Nothing Easy About It

Some people take their car wash through the brushless car wash. Some people take it to a car wash bay and do it themselves. A select few go over every inch of their car more than once, by hand. If you are that guy, this is the right coating. Suppose you are looking for a fun, quick, easy garage-floor coating that the average homeowner can apply in a day or two. This isn’t it. This product is an exceptional system for those willing to take an exceptional amount of time and effort.

Prime Time

The primer is the foundation of a high-build garage floor epoxy system. Water-based primers are great for the average consumer, and we sell a tremendous amount of those systems. Our system includes our maximum penetration and adhesion solvent-based primer.

Full Build Thick Epoxy

Many epoxy kits try to strike a balance between thickness and price. Our pro systems are designed to be laid on thick. We took all the tools out and just focused on putting as much material into the kits to get the ideal mil thickness and performance.

Bring on the Heat

You did your job. Now the coating will do its job. When properly installed over a floor that has been cleaned and profiled, this floor is not susceptible to hot tire lifting.

Clearly Better Top Coats

The visible difference between an ordinary full-broadcast epoxy system and a professionally applied broadcast-to-rejection garage floor epoxy system is the urethane. This system includes enough material for two coats of a medium-build true-polyester aliphatic urethane that will provide the look you want while also creating a durable and chemical-resistant surface.

The Key Ingredient

We have not yet found a way to package skill, elbow grease, and patience. While they are key to any system, if you are looking for a professional system that will last for years, you will need to step up your game. It’s time for a gut-check. You will spend at least one day prepping the floor. Then, you will spend a couple of days installing the floor. Afterward, you need to stay off the floor for a week.

Astoundingly Beautiful & Drool Resistant

Once installed, the depth, gloss, and appearance of this floor are second to none. There is something uniquely astounding about a full-depth floor that provides an almost 3D appearance. Just make sure you have the right cleaning chemicals for your jealous neighbors’ drool. Every inch of epoxy will be perfectly covered with flake. The flake will be smoothed out with urethane that results in a somehow smooth and textured floor at the same time.


Our topcoats have been tested to resist chemicals typically found in the garage. So if you are working on your pride and joy and a little brake cleaner spills on the floor, wipe it up and keep going. This system provides a floor you will not be afraid to use.


This is a five-layer system designed to handle what life throws at it, drops on it, and rolls across it. The added protection of multiple coats of urethane means if you manage to damage it, you can easily apply a fresh coat of clear and have your floor looking as good as new.

UV Resistant

100% of your epoxy is covered in flake, completely protecting the epoxy from harmful UV. Then, the flake is covered in two coats of a polyester-based aliphatic urethane that simply won’t yellow. This leaves you with a floor that you can be proud of on day one or day 1000.


This system will result in a coating dry film thickness of 18-24 Mils depending on the net spread rate. This will produce a complete system thickness of 23-29 Mils or more.