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RaceDeck TuffShield® Tiles

RaceDeck® TuffShield tile is the answer for the showpiece garage. If you have a high-end, showcase garage where you display your classic cars, muscle cars or perhaps your favorite speed demons, TuffShield is the only floor with the appearance worthy of your collection. RaceDeck® TuffShield® garage floor tiles provide you the durability of the original RaceDeck diamond with a gloss that is second to none.

PACKAGING: Tiles will arrive locked together in 2×2 squares.

Size: 12″ x 12″ x 1/2″ thick

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Unimaginable gloss and quality. TuffShield provides the classic diamond look in a high gloss finish.


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Jusin Says: Racedeck Garage Floor Tiles are the industry leader for a reason. Their 20-year manufacturer's warranty, wide range of color options, and superior weight-supporting construction make them the most reliable rigid garage floor tiles around.


No glue, no mess and no fumes. Simply sweep out your garage; optionally cover with landscape fabric for additional noise guard. Then installing the tile is as easy as snap, step and trim to fit.

The Look

Despite the patented PowerLock technology, years of engineering, and creative manufacturing that allows for an easy-to-clean diamond tile that creepers can roll on, many people buy TuffShield because of the incredible, high gloss, better-than-a-showroom look. Still, its nice to know the beauty is more than skin deep!

Design & Create

TuffShield tiles come in 12 colors. Each tile is 12″ square and can easily lock into other colors and even other patterns. Tiles simply snap together. Once you have the vision of what your floor should look like, you can create the vision on our floor designer and then implement it in your garage!

You’re on a Roll

RaceDeck® knows what others seem to forget. Pay close attention because apparently this is a huge industry secret… People roll stuff around in the garage! Yes, we know that is a shocking revelation. It is a key difference between RaceDeck Diamond /TuffShield and competitors products. The RaceDeck TuffShield product has been designed to allow you to keep rolling.


What could be worse than spending several hundred or even thousands of dollars on a garage floor that is impossible to keep clean? The diamond pattern incorporated into the TuffShield garage tile has a unique ‘eased’ design that allows for easy sweeping and cleaning. While other product trap dirt and debris, TuffShield is as easy to clean as it is beautiful.

When it Rains It Pours

TuffShield is designed to be rained on. Most of the water sits on top where you can broom or squeegee it out. The water that does get through will wick out of the system or evaporate, just like it would if the tile was not there. We do highly suggest TrueLock B4 for any untreated concrete garage floor before adding a covering.

Locked In

RaceDeck ® locks are tied into the underside of the tile and protected by US Patent(s). After installing TuffShield you can rest assured knowing your tiles will not separate under normal use. People turn tires, that’s a fact of life. You need a tile that will put up with it. Many won’t. RaceDeck ® will.

RaceDeck® American Made Garage Floor Tiles

RaceDeck tiles are ideal for heavy-weight applications. If you work on your car regularly, RaceDeck is worth the upgrade. Meaning if you have jack stands and use them more then occasionally, these tiles hold up better.

Color swatches and even photos of the actual tile are not the most accurate way to pick a color. It will vary from monitor to monitor, in many cases considerably. We highly suggest you order a free sample prior to placing your order for garage floor tiles.