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Low Odor High Solids Water Based Epoxy

TrueLock water based epoxy is a quick, affordable coating for those looking for inexpensive color and protection for their garage floor. 53% solids by weight.

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TrueLock simple Water Based Epoxy has low VOC's and low odor. It is sold in one gallon kits that covers 250-300 Sq. Ft. / Gallon. The addition of anti skid increases strength and traction.

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Garage Flooring offers a wide range of epoxy and urethane based garage floor coatings. The TrueLock WB garage floor epoxy is as simple as it gets. Unlike traditional epoxy products, AWFWB is over 50% solids (by weight) but it is cut with water, not harsh solvents. You have an hour to work with the product, so you will not feel as rushed. It does not require a clear coat when a simple basic color is being installed. We offer an easy to work with, non-toxic prep solution that makes the whole project easy

Chemical Resistant

The WB epoxy offers a moderate level of chemical resistance. For example, if you spill gasoline on the product and clean it up within a couple of hours, it should not cause noticeable damage to the floor. Chemical resistance can be greatly improved by adding a top coat of our TL356 urethane. This has good resistance for an inexpensive system but does not compare to our high-end epoxy and polyurea systems.

Hot Tires

Perhaps the most frustrating thing for garage floor epoxy customers is having to protect it so it does not come up under the pressure and heat of hot tires. For best results against hot tire lifting you would want to do two coats with a spread rate of 260 Sq. Ft. / Gallon over a surface that has been etched. You will want to use 3/4# per gallon of our antiskid.

Finish in a Day

A two-coat system can easily be completed in a day.

Antiskid Additive

For high impact applications or for applications where additional traction is required, we suggest adding our antiskid to the final coat. It will increase the strength of the floor and provide a texture that promotes traction.

Simple Solid Colors But Be Flaky if You Choose

Our water-based epoxy system is designed for those who want a tough but simple garage floor epoxy. No flakes required. No topcoat. That does not mean you do not have options though. The system will absolutely accept broadcast media such as flake. It will need to be top-coated with our clear urethane.

It Stinks Less

Our epoxy is made with water not solvents. That makes cleanup easy and it means your garage (or even your own home) will not have the intrusive odors caused by solvent-based epoxy products. We love our urethane-based coating products. For some of our customers, the odor is offensive. This is especially true in occupied homes when coating a basement floor. It can also be true when coating an attached garage floor. One thing we love about the water-based epoxy is despite its incredibly high quality and test ratings, it just does not have the harsh chemicals and odors of the other products we sell. That said, you still should not drink it or cover your self in it — just to be clear. VOCs 175 g/l

Simple & Affordable but Not Cheap

We would prefer not to sell you anything than sell you an inexpensive product that is going to fail. It is that simple. This is a high-quality epoxy product that is simply formulated differently from much of what is on the market. You can rest assured that while this is a simple and affordable way to epoxy coat your garage floor; It is the high quality our customers have come to expect from Garage Flooring. We also want to be clear that an inexpensive waterbased system will never perform at the level of our Polyurea or 100% solids systems. It is a lower-priced alternative that is much lower odor than Polyurea.