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TruAlloy™ Kits – High-Performance Aluminum Metallic Garage Floor Coating

TruAlloy is the perfect combination of durability and low price. While it is one of our thinnest coatings, this coating will not peel up if the concrete is prepped properly. Available only in a metallic gray color and 5 different flake blends. This coating is not compatible with extra flake unless an additional clear coat is applied on top.

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A high-end moisture cured urethane designed for garages, commercial spaces, and industrial applications where ease of application, abrasion resistance and cost are the primary concern. NOTICE: We are unable to ship to areas that fall under South Coast Air Quality Management District Rules in CA.


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The 3-Coat System

TruAlloy™ kits are designed around our system 3 specifications. Each kit will include more than enough material for:
  • 2 coats of color
  • 1 coat of clear
  • Flake (1 lb. per 100 Sq. Ft.
  • Antiskid (1 lb. per gallon for top coat
  • Roller covers (200-300 sq. ft. per roller
  • 2 roller frames

What Do I Still Need?

  • *Prep Materials: You will need to decide if you want to acid etch or grind your concrete to prepare it for the coating. You do not need to do both.
  • *Buckets and mixing sticks/drill mixer for mixing product
  • *9″ Paint Roller Frame(s)
  • *NIOSH-Approved paint respirators for everyone working on the install
  • *Painter’s tape (Important: Tape needs to be pulled while the coating is wet and reapplied to each coat to avoid the tape getting stuck to your coating
  • Gloves and clothes that you don’t care about. The coating is very difficult to remove from clothing and skin if it dries onto them.
  • Shoe covers to avoid unwanted dirt or contaminants in the coating
  • Xylene or Mineral Spirits for removing product from surfaces in case of an accident

*-Required for a successful installation. The other items on this list are strongly recommended. Give us a call if you are unsure on what items you need.

Proven Technology

TruAlloy for Garage Floors is not a new technology. It has been time-proven on the floors of industrial buildings,  and countless garage and commercial projects. TruAlloy is a one-part moisture-cured urethane that is over 50% solids by volume. The clear coat is over 60% solids by volume. It comes in one can. You open it, mix it for three minutes, and apply it to a clean surface. This is not fairy dust or a pipe dream; the product’s phenomenal results were achieved after years of refinement, years of extensive scientific testing, and even more years of successful application on top of successful application.


We suggest two coats of TruAlloy Aluminum. The first is applied as a primer and the second as your color coat.

Thicker is Better

Coatings companies love to give great coverage rates that make their product seem less expensive and keeps you coming back for more. We prefer to give you the amount of product you need the first time so your floor comes out perfectly.

  • Coat 1: AWF-100 250-275 Sq. Ft / Gallon
  • Coat 2: AWF-100 300-325 Sq. Ft. Per Gallon
  • Clear-Coat: AWF-192 375-400 Sq. Ft Per Gallon

Forget the Hard Stuff & Forget the Guess Work

No need for exact measurements of Part A and Part B because it’s only one part. Installation Temperature? 50 Degrees F to over 100 Degrees F for the color material. Clear requires temperatures over 50. Pot life? How about a couple of hours. Open the can, mix it for three minutes, pour out what you can use, and tap the lid back on. See further explanation under working time.

Wiggle Room

Our calculator and kits are based on the worst-case scenario. Small adjustments to total square footage are acceptable so long as you fall within the recommended spread rate.

400 Degrees

Hot tire lifting? Water boils at 212 degrees F. Temperatures over 140 degrees can cause third-degree burns. TruAlloy has proven itself in continuous temperatures up to 400 Degrees F. Point blank, TruAlloy puts hot tire lifting on ice. Your tires simply can’t get hot enough.

Working Time & Pot Life

The phrase unlimited pot life has become common in this industry. We even use it with some products. This product is moisture-cured. That means that when the product is exposed to the air, it starts to cure. When poured out of the can, you can expect it to begin thickening in one to two hours. The good news is you can seal the can back up and take as long as you need for each coat. It is generally not possible to store a can once open.

Aluminum Testing

Abrasion Resistance Method: ASTM D4060, CS 17 wheel, 1000 cycles, 1 KG Load Result: 18 mg Loss Adhesion: Cross Cut Method: ASTM 3359 Result: Passes 5 Adhesion: Elcometer 106 Method: D4541 Result: Exceeds 500 PSI Dry Heat Resistance Method: ASTM D2485 Result: 400ºF Flexibility: Conical Bend Mandrel, 180º Bend Method: ASTM D522 Result: Passes 1/4” Impact Resistance Method: ASTM D2794 Result: Direct – 160 in. lb. Pencil Hardness Method: ASTM D3363 Result: 4H Salt Fog Resistance Method: ASTM B117 Result: Passes 1200 hrs Accelerated Weathering Method: ASTM D-4587, QUV Result: Passed: 1500 hours

Clear Testing

Important Note: Abrasion results are greatly improved with the addition of our anti skid. Abrasion Resistance Method: ASTM D4060, CS 17 wheel, 1000 cycles, 1 kg load Result: 23 mg Loss Bond Strength Method: ACI 403 Result: 325 PSI (Concrete Fails) Dry Heat Resistance Method: ASTM D2485 Result: 350ºF Flexibility: Conical Bend Mandrel Method: ASTM D 522, 180º Bend Result: Passes 1/8” Impact Resistance Method: ASTM D 2794 Result: Direct – 160 in. lb. Result: Reverse – 160 in. lb. Pencil Hardness Method: ASTM D3363 Result: H Sward Hardness Method: D2134 Result: 44

Why TruAlloy?

You are looking to coat your garage floor, and frankly, you can’t believe how painful the process is. You need to be part chemist, part mason, and a whole lot of lucky. Then you have to hope that the first time you pull your wife’s sports car into the garage, it does not take your precious time and money right off the floor with hot tire lifting! It is 2021; surely, there is a way to coat a concrete surface that does not involve precise chemical mixing and 20-minute work times. For years we have been on the forums preaching that there is no ‘silver bullet’ for this problem. As it turns out, there is a ‘TruAlloy’. TruAlloy™ is a trademark of All Weather Floors®, LLC