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TrueLock PVC Garage Floor Tiles

TrueLock PVC orders regularly take over a month to ship due to delays at the manufacturing facility. If you are in a rush to get your order and want a PVC tile, we recommend Norsk PVC Tiles.

Hard plastic tiles are just not your thing. You are looking for a rugged floor that is as durable as it is attractive. A floor that does not let every spill leak through to the floor below. You want an American Made tile for your garage that is as tough as the vehicle you drive and the work you do!

TrueLock PVC garage floor tiles are American-made PVC products that are perfect for garage and warehouse applications. Each tile is 19 5/8″ square and about ¼″ thick of the highest-quality PVC. This is no lightweight hollow tile either—each one weighs over four pounds!

Size: 19 5/8″ x 19 5/8″ x ¼″ thick

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The TrueLock PVC Tile is a heavy-duty 1/4" thick PVC floor tile often used in both commercial and industrial applications but is also perfect for home garages. It is available in smooth and coin patterns, both of which allow tool boxes and pallet jacks to roll easily.







True Lock PVC garage tiles are available in a coin pattern or a smooth pattern. The smooth pattern has a pebble texture that provides outstanding traction while allowing toolboxes and creepers to easily roll over the floor. TrueLock edge & reducer stripis sold by the foot and is typically only used at the overhead door — in a wall to wall installation.The solid ¼″ thick design of a flexible PVC compound has been chosen by numerous manufacturing companies as well as many government agencies to be used in many of their most demanding facilities. Each tile of this premium garage flooring measures 19 5⁄8″ x 19 5⁄8″ and covers 2.6 square feet. Each tile is ¼″ (6.35 mm) thick and weighs 4.25 pounds.

TrueLock PVC Garage Tile is a tough and flexible interlocking garage floor tile concept that has been developed to provide “instant” self-lay floor surfacing for use in a wide variety of areas including heavy-duty and high-traffic applications. For many years the original TrueLock PVC Garage Tile system has been applied by countless users in all kinds of industrial, commercial and residential locations. This premium tile is used in new buildings as well as for existing garage floors where high standards of quality are required.

We believe a garage floor should protect as well as beautify. TrueLock PVC Garage Tile tight-fitting interlocking design provides excellent moisture resistance while protecting the garage floor below from staining, chipping, peeling or spalling. When the optional polyurethane sealer is applied, this premium garage flooring is 100% WATER-RESISTANT.

With Garage Flooring LLC providing free shipping anywhere in the continental United States, our premium garage floor TILES are as affordable, and more durable, than any garage floor epoxy on the market.

True Lock PVC garage floor tiles have been sold under other names for years and has proven itself to be one of the toughest and most durable garage and warehouse tiles in the business. Little to no floor preparation, no adhesive, and installation is a breeze.

Tiles may experience tire staining from certain brand tires. The use of black tiles under where the tires park and drive is the best option to minimize the visibility of the staining. Colors may vary from batch to batch. Please order more than the required amount to allow for cuts, waste and/or replacements. Highly recommend Hilway Direct Plus Floor Finish & Cleaner with EVERY TrueLock PVC purchase.

This product can expose you to chemicals including Diethylhexyl Phthalate, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Color swatches and even photos of the actual tile are not the most accurate way to pick a color. It will vary from monitor to monitor, in many cases considerably. We highly suggest you order a free sample prior to placing your order for garage floor tiles.