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Tuff Seal Interlocking Tile for Garages, Aviation, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial and Retail Applications

Tuff-Seal is the top of the line interlocking PVC tile. With its hidden locking system, you get the advantages of PVC without the puzzle look. You also get a watertight locking system which has been proven time and time again. Please note that many Tuff-Seal orders are made to order and can have longer lead times. While colors like gray or black often ship right away, colors like Meadow Green can be 3-6 Weeks. Like all PVC garage flooring, Tuff Seal tiles can stain from tires.

Size: 17.75″ x 17.75″ x 1/4″ thick

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American made flexible tiles with a hidden locking system. These are our only watertight floor tiles. Tuff-Seal (Previously called TrueLock Premier) interlocking tiles are not the least expensive tiles for garages and aviation, commercial, industrial and retail applications, but they present a clear set of benefits that separate them from other products on the market. Tuff-Seal is tough enough for the most demanding industrial applications while quiet and attractive enough for use in residential garages. Tuff-Seal is the most durable, environmentally friendly, and attractive PVC tile on the market. It is ideal for locations where you require a hidden, waterproof locking system that is impervious to fluids, chemicals, dirt, and debris.


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PVC Vs Rigid Tiles

Unlike polypropylene tiles, this PVC tile is not hollow. At about four pounds apiece, this is a heavyweight product that creates an ultra-quiet system. All locks are hidden. The lower part of the tile has a T-Lock system while the upper portion has a zipper-lock – just like the bags you use in the kitchen. The T Locks keep the tile locked even under extreme pressure horizontally while the zipper lock stops fluids and debris from penetrating.

Tuff seal tiles are good for applications where a waterproof or near waterproof installation is critical and in certain commercial and industrial applications. For most garages, we suggest rigid garage floor tiles combined with landscape fabric for noise. For applications with a heavy-duty applications where tire stains are not of huge consequence, PVC may foot the bill. That leaves you with three choices:

  • Tuff Seal: This product. The most expensive and typically used in applications over basements and other instances where a near water-proof application is desired.
  • TrueLock PVC: Our most affordable, industrial, American Made PVC tile.
  • Norsk PVC: Uniquely attractive and functional. Considerably more flexible with a ‘softer’ feel than most PVC. Also good for combined garage/workout applications.

Attractive with Unique Adhesive Options

Tuff Seal interlocking tiles require no adhesive*, leave no mess and demand little if any floor preparation. They are available in 12 stunning colors and three attractive patterns. An adhesive is included for attaching the edging to the tile. A second adhesive is available, but not required, for gluing the tile together. This is typically only used in applications where a water-proof install is desired.

View the above photo gallery of Tuff-Seal PVC tiles in airplane hangars, industrial warehouses, commercial applications, bathrooms, retail applications and garage applications.

High Quality

While Tuff Seal is a top-of-the-line PVC garage tile, we understand that not every application requires this product. We offer a wide selection of garage floor tiles, other garage flooring products, and our less expensive True Lock PVC Garage Tile. We Highly recommend Hilway Direct Plus Floor Finish & Cleaner with EVERY Tuff Seal purchase.