garage floor tiles

PVC Garage Floor Tiles

PVC garage floor tiles are softer and more flexible then traditional garage floor tiles. Often they are desirable in heavy duty and commercial use or where it is important not to have any gaps between the tiles.

PVC Garage Floor Tiles — Flexible

NORSK PVC – Only $3.30 / Sq. Ft.


NORSK PVC tiles are a flexible PVC tile available in four patterns and a range of colors, including popular metallic colors in the diamond pattern. Air-Dry technology protects the concrete floor. Our #1 pick for a PVC tile.

TrueLock PVC — Low As $3.79 / Sq. Ft.

TrueLock PVC

TrueLock PVC Tiles are heavy duty 1/4″ PVC floor tile often used for commercial and industrial applications. They are also perfect for many garages. Available in smooth and coin patterns. Both patterns allow tool boxes and pallet jacks to roll easily.

BLT Self Stick Tiles — Low As $3.15

BLT Self Stick Tiles

BLT Raceday tiles are the perfect compromise between a garage floor tile and a garage floor mat. Constructed from 95 Mil PVC with an industrial self-stick adhesive. Available in Diamond or Levant. 12×12 and 24×24 tiles give you the options you need.

Tuff Seal – $9.25 / Sq. Ft.

Tuff Seal

Tuff-Seal tiles are our highest end garage floor tile. They feature a watertight two-way locking system that gives a ‘square edge’ look to each tile. Available in three patterns and tough enough for residential and industrial applications.