RaceDeck Circle Trac

RaceDeck ® Circle Trac — the classic look of garage floor tiles. Circle Trac is often preferred in garages, basements and other areas that are being used for rec rooms, working garages and hang-out areas. The tight coin pattern is comfortable for walking barefoot and practical for rolling carts and tools around on. The patented power lock locking system out performs competitor’s locking systems. Backed by years of engineering and perfection, RaceDeck and Garage Flooring LLC have become the choice of garage snobs ™. American Designed and made, RaceDeck from Garage Flooring LLC gives our customers piece of mind.

Circle Trac $3.79 / SF

Circle Trac $3.79 / SF


RaceDeck® Circle Trac® 12″ × 12″


Price Each:

$ 3.79

12in x 3In RaceDeck Female Edge for All RD Products


Price Each:

$ 2.00

12in x 3In RaceDeck Male Edge for All RD Products


Price Each:

$ 2.00

TrueLock HD 3″ × 12″ Female Corner & Edge


Price Each:

$ 2.00

TrueLock HD 3″ × 12″ Male Corner & Edge


Price Each:

$ 2.00

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Let’s face it. If you wanted a challenge, you would have went with a garage floor coating. Circle Trac is easy to assemble, modular 12″ squares that make assembly a snap. Set one side of the tile over the other and use your hand or foot to engage the lock. Each tile has 16 locks.


RaceDeck ® tiles have been performing for over a decade. In our opinion you will not find a more tested tile on the market today. Heavy loads and large trucks, no problem. High end bikes, bring it on. These are the tiles you only get from an industry leader.

Keep it Moving

RaceDeck ® Circle Trac tiles have small tight coins that allow even smaller casters to easily roll around on the garage floor. They are also very comfortable for walking on, even in your bare feet. If your looking for a high end garage tile but rolling toolboxes and other items is a must, this is the tile for you.


Your floor, your way! use our floor designer to create the floor of your dreams and easily turn it into a reality. We’ve seen everything from checkerboards to monograms and smiley faces. Your floor is only limited by your imagination. So many colors to chose from and so easy to create all sorts of cool patterns.

You Can Take It With You

RaceDeck is not glued or fastened down. If you decide to move from the garage of your dreams to the home of your dreams, you can pick your floor up and take it with you.

Look Under the Hood — Well the Tile

The top of the tile is what looks good, but the underside is what makes it perform. Designed to support the heaviest rolling loads and locks that are integrated with the tile itself. RaceDeck ® tiles are much more than skin deep! They may just be the best engineered tile in the business

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