TrueLock HD Ribbed Flow Through Tile

Perhaps the best overall value in the garage flooring market today. The flow-through ‘ribbed’ garage floor tiles are affordable, incredibly easy to clean, and they leave you with a dry, safe surface for walking on. Flow-through tile is manufactured by the leading brand to the same specifications and quality as their national brand. The difference is in the savings to you! Through our incredible buying power, we can bring you a tile that retails for $3.96/ Sq. Ft. and put it on sale for $2.69. NO COUPONS OR PROMOTIONS APPLY. The price will show in the cart. Due to increased demand, we are seeing lead times of 5-10 days to ship. This product is actively being manufactured and shipping, but demand is 3-5 times higher than usual.

Pricing & Options


TrueLock HD Ribbed Tile 12″ × 12″


Price Each:

$ 3.96

On Sale!:

$ 2.69

no coupons or discounts apply
Made in the USA
TrueLock HD Ribbed Tile 12″ × 12″
Compare or ribbed tile against the leading competitor. Made in Utah this is a quality drain tile at a price that won′t leave your wallet drained

TrueLock HD 12″ Male Edge


Price Each:

$ 2.00
Made in the USA
TrueLock HD  12″ Male Edge
Male edges have have only pegs and lock into the loop side of the tile

TrueLock HD 12″ Female Edge


Price Each:

$ 2.00
Made in the USA
TrueLock HD  12″ Female Edge
Female edges have loops and attache to the flat side of the tile

TrueLock HD 12″ Male Corner & Edge


Price Each:

$ 2.00
Made in the USA
TrueLock HD 12″ Male Corner & Edge
Male edge with integrated corner

TrueLock HD 12″ Female Corner & Edge


Price Each:

$ 2.00
Made in the USA
TrueLock HD  12″ Female Corner & Edge
Female edge with integrated corner

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Product Photos

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Best Value

Simply The Best

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitation garage floor tiles, typically made in China. These tiles are made to the highest quality standards and stack up to all the leading competitors — without the sticker shock. Each of our Ribbed Flow Through tiles measure 12″ x 12″ x 1/2″ thick. Simply snap the tiles together to form the pattern you like. For a perfectly symmetrical look, you can trim at both walls. For a faster installation, you can cut your trimming in half by only cutting at the right side and rear of the garage.  The average homeowner can adequately treat their garage floor for under $100 using a product like B4 Floor Prep. Sealer is especially important with flow-through tiles.
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Vehicle rolling loads in excess of 36,000 lbs
  • Manufactured in ISO Certified facility
  • Time-proven locking system — perhaps the best in the business
  • Resistant to Mold, Bacteria, and Fungus

Dirt Underneath?

If you get dirt under the tile, there is no need to remove the tiles. You can wash the floor right through them, or shop vac the through the tile. If you are using water or detergents, avoid contact with drywall and other items that may be damaged.


10 Year Limited Warranty against manufacturer defects. A copy is available via US Mail. View Installation Instructions.

The Garage Door Edge

We have male and female edges. The male edges have pegs underneath. The female edges have loops with holes in them. For a wall-to-wall application, we suggest starting your tile as follows. Standing outside the garage, looking in, start with a flat (male) edge facing you and a flat (male) edge facing the left. Order one female edge for each foot of garage door. Then order two extra. If you need clarification on the edges, please see the picture under product photos.

Perfect for Wet Weather and Floor Drains

Let’s say you live in the mid-west, and you have a brand new garage floor. Winter strikes. You pull into the garage with 9 inches of snow on the car, and it all melts off. With an ordinary garage tile, the moisture sits on top. Moisture makes for a dirty and dangerous situation. With ribbed tiles, all the moisture flows through. The tiles stay clean and dry, and the floor is much safer to walk on.

But…. But…

We understand. These tiles are counter-intuitive for most of us. The idea of having a floor with holes in it tends to confuse most people. The tiles are designed to keep most screws, nails, etc on top. A creeper will run over them and tool boxes can roll. Dirt and moisture will flow through. The moisture will exit the way it always has. The dirt will be unseen, your garage floor will be clean, and you can clean under the tiles with ease.

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