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Rigid Garage Floor Tile

Rigid garage floor tiles are the traditional, hard plastic polypropylene garage floor tile. Our American Made TrueLock HD tiles are marketed under a national brand for $3.49 and we have them on sale for $2.49 with FREE SHIPPING. TrueLock HD tiles have a 10 Year warranty and in our opinion are simply the best value in the industry.

Rigid Garage Floor Tiles

TrueLock Diamond – SALE $1.99

TrueLock Diamond

If you are looking for an inexpensive rigid garage floor tile that is still made in the USA, the TrueLock Diamond is a good choice. Our staff will tell you that if you can spend a few dollars more and get the TrueLock HD product. If however the budget is tight, This 6-Lock American Made Tile is a huge value

TrueLock HD Diamond – SALE $2.49

TrueLock HD Diamond

American Made classic garage floor tiles with a 10 Year manufacturers warranty. This is not your average ‘cheap garage floor tile’ this is a THE national brand of tile and a plain brown box. You get 100% of the tile, without paying for the marketing.

TrueLock HD Coin – SALE $2.49

TrueLock HD Coin

The same great quality and price as our HD Diamond tile, the coin pattern just knows how to roll! If your garage is less show and more work, the coin pattern is easier for rolling tool boxes, jacks and creepers on. The coins are small and close together.

TrueLock HD Ribbed – SALE $2.69

TrueLock HD Ribbed

If you live someplace where there is snow and rain in the winter and lots of sun in the summer, this is the ideal tile. Your floor stays dry under foot and is easy to clean, but resists expansion and contraction issues in the hot summer months.

HD Extreme Diamond Garage Tile

HD Extreme Diamond Garage Tile

If you are going to get a diamond tread tile, it should look like diamond tread. No double hash, slim lines or barbed wire look here. This is the real deal. Plus we increased the top plate material, made the tile heavier and increased the warranty to 12 years.

HD Extreme Coin Garage Tile

HD Extreme Coin Garage Tile

Simply put the most functional tile for a REAL garage on the market. Sure its pretty, but thats not the point. It’s tough as nails. Your feet stick to and the light texture makes it look less plasticy — not to mention it hides a lot too. So if you beat up your garage and you want a tile as tough as the work you do. This is the way to go.