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Roll Out Garage Flooring Installation

Roll Out Garage Flooring Installation

Before you ever order your floor, the best ‘first step’ is to get accurate measurements and talk to one of our consultants about the best sizes to fit your floor. It is to your benefit to take actual measurements as there is really no such thing as an “Average Two Car Garage” any more  


The next step is to clean your floor. Now we do not mean clean like you are installing an epoxy product. If you have any high spots caused by things you spilled and never cleaned up, you might want to scrape it off. Then simply take a broom and sweep out your garage
Next you simply want to roll out the mats. Start at the garage door and roll into your garage.

Use a push broom to to get out any air pockets. This step is important. We highly suggest you do not move on to the seam tape until your mats have relaxed. DO NOT TRIM the product until it has relaxed.



While the manufacturer has two methods of install: An Overlap and a butt joint, we will only cover the butt joint as that is our preferred method of installation.

Simply butt the mats together to form a tight joint. Roll back the first mat and clean it. Then carefully apply the seam tape, stick side up, leaving half of it on the mat and half off.

Set the mat down. Fold up the second mat, clean and lay back down. DO NOT STRETCH THE MAT.

In this step you are also going to want to trim the mats. We recommend a high quality carpet knife or a utility knife. A new blade helps ad does a good long straight edge. As always be careful when using tools.

It is important to leave a 1/4″ gap or more between the walls, posts, poles or anything else you are cutting around.

We also have options for fully adhered floors should you need to install the roll out garage flooring using a glue.