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Rubber Flooring Color Chart

Our interlocking rubber floor tiles and rolled rubber products are perfect for gym floors, fitness floors, home gyms. play areas and more. The price varies by “zone”. You have basic colors which are the least expensive and then you have zones. The higher the zone, the higher the price.

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Basic Colors / Fundamentals


Zone 1 Colors

GF04 GF06 GF07 GF09
GF21 GF23 GF28 GF30

Zone 2 Colors

GF34 GF36 GF45 GF46
 GF47 GF54 GF70 GF82

    Zone 3 Colors

 GF24  GF38 GF40 GF53
 GF55 GF63  GF64  GF90

    Zone 4 Colors

 GF52 GF86 GF89  

    Zone 5 Colors

 GF15 GF43