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Rust Bullet for Industrial and Commercial Concrete Floors

Rust Bullet for Industrial and Commercial Concrete Floors

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Rust Bullet Concrete Coating

Rust Bullet Concrete Coating Rust Bullet for Concrete, when properly installed, has great advantages for application in industrial, commercial and other non-residential and atypical residential environments. We lump all of these projects into the Rust Bullet Industrial Floor Coating criteria. While the materials purchased are often the same, there are some important distinctions in the system as a whole when applying an industrial floor coating.



Sq. Ft. Rust Bullet Industrial Garage Floor Coating System

SKU: RBInd1000

Price Each:

$ 1.30

Price is per square foot. 1000 Sq. Ft. Minimum

Advantages of the Rust Bullet Industrial Coating System
Like many of the Rust Bullet systems, the Rust Bullet industrial system builds on the single component, multi-step application. There is no need for a separate primer in most cases. Unlike epoxy coatings and traditional urethanes, Rust Bullet offers an extended pot life. This allows for greater flexibility at the time of installation. Further, there is no need to mix ‘Part A’ and ‘Part B’ in a perfect ratio. Further, contingent on the condition of the concrete, often floor preparation is greatly minimized.
Once completed, the Rust Bullet Industrial Coating system offers the following advantages:
• Increased abrasion resistance
• Increased chemical resistance
• Ability to withstand heavy traffic and loads with minimal surface
• Ease of Repair
• Enhanced Traction over polished concrete
• Increased light reflection
• Appearance

What is included in the system
The system includes:
• Adhesion test material and instructions
• 4 Coats of Rust Bullet for Concrete
• An anti-wear / anti-skid agent
• 18” Roller Covers and frame
• Humidity Meter
• Solvent
• All Weather Floors Concrete Cleaner
• Paint Brushes

Important Considerations:
While typical residential garages floor perpetration is extremely important, it is important to understand that in industrial, commercial and other atypical projects the process is key and warranty claims will not be considered unless the floor is properly tested and prepared. The floor needs to be clean and dry, free of sealers, oils and debris. It is strongly recommended that power trowel floors be appropriately profiled first. A moisture test must be performed in multiple spots on the floor.