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Selecting the Best Mats for Your Garage Floor

Selecting the Best Mats for Your Garage Floor

Epoxy Garage Floor Mats Our job is to help you select the best garage floor mats for your specific application. This depends on how you use the floor, what your budget is and of course what you like. Our favorite garage floor mat is the new G-Floor Small Coin and it is the product our owner has in his own garage. Give us a call at 800-956-4301 so we can help.

The truth about selecting the best garage floor mats is that a large percentage of it is your own personal preference and some information that is very specific to your installation. For the basic residential application, we do not find that the grade or Mil thickness is of huge consequence. The warranty is the same on either. The one thing we have noticed is that the heavier mats lay flatter quicker and tend to stay flatter in the long run. For large jobs with multiple seams the heavier product can give you a cleaner, more professional installation. In general, focus more on the pattern and style of flooring you want.

ribebd garage flooring mats

The Better Life Technology (BLT) G-Floor ribbed pattern garage floor mats serve two very specific purposes. First, the unique ribbed design keeps water, oil, gasoline and other liquids from pooling. When liquids are not allowed to pool, they do not tend to run. While the ribbed garage floor mat is not a containment mat, they do a very good job of minimizing the mess in an average garage. They help to channel liquid out of the garage. They would not be my first choice for a working garage, or a garage that serves as a social or recreational area. For the basic residential garage where the function of garage mats is to contain moisture, oil, dirt, and debris, the ribbed mats are highly effective. They channel water out of the area.

Make sure the ribs run from back to front. However, ribbed mats are generally not the best idea if the concrete surface slopes into the garage.

The small coin mats may just offer the best combination of quality and price on the market today. There are several factors that have been engineered into this product that make it the product of choice for members of our staff. The coins are smaller and closer leaving less room for wheels to bounce around. We find that this means toolboxes and creepers roll very nicely. The small coin pattern has a textured surface that adds considerable ‘grip’ when you walk on it. Nothing is slip proof, but we like the feel of walking on the small coin garage floor mats. The small coin mats are also thicker at the base than the standard ribbed mats but not near as expensive as the commercial coin or diamond products.

The commercial coin and diamond products are still immensely popular. The diamond pattern offers a rugged, true diamond tread feel for the ultimate man cave or show garage. It is also very popular for racing trailers and other trailer flooring. Industrial applications may benefit from the 130 Mil products that is available in large rolls.

The original coin product provides a very clean surface that is easy to maintain and free of texture and other distractions. It is still a customer favorite for recreational rooms, commercial applications and many other types of garage floors.

The key here is that products that roll out garage floor mats offer some key advantages over coating products. There are no harsh acids, and you do not need to wait days or weeks before you can drive on the roll-out flooring.

Roll-out flooring can easily be cut to fit and new fully adhered products from Better Life Technology (BLT) and limit or eliminate expansion and contraction issues.

Our team of professionals is here to assist you in selecting the product to best fit your needs. Over the years our professionals have sold tens of thousands of square feet of roll-out and tile products to customers around the world. No matter what you need, our team can steer you in the right direction.

Concrete protection products are available from major manufacturers like BLT, Auto Care and many others. Here is a recent BLOG article that talks about the basics of laying out your floor mats.

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