Spray Detailers

There are two basic types of spray detailers. Typically when someone talks about a spray detailer, they are referring to a product that you would use after washing your car when it is not your intention to do a full detail. For example, car enthusiasts tend to keep their cars clean and will wash them from time to time and after road trips, etc. Assuming the vehicle has been fully detailed in the past that is a great time to use a compatible detailing spray. There are also items like Sonax plastic detailers that are used for detailing certain parts of the vehicle — using a ceramic coating and spray detailer (also known as a quick detailer) will avoid the need to use a plastic detailer on the outside of the vehicle.

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SONAX Ceramic Ultra Slick Detailer .75L 268400

SKU: 268400

Price Each:

$ 19.99
SONAX Ceramic Ultra Slick Detailer .75L 268400

Sonax Ultra Slick quick detailer can be effective as a stand-alone quick detailer but we suggest using it from time to time on vehicles you have already coated to restore that mirror-like shine and prolong the effects of Sonax Ceramics

SONAX Ceramic Ultra Slick Detailer .75L 268400 is designed to be a booster, quick detailer and even a waterless wash for vehicles that have been coated with SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating .75L 257400 as well as most other ceramic coatings, sealers, and films.


  • Si-Carbon Technology
  • Excellent booster to almost any ceramic, sealant or film
  • Easy to apply
  • Extremely smooth and slick
  • Protects 2-3 Months
  • For use on all exterior surfaces

SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer -- Quick Spray Detailer & Waterless Wash-750 ml

SKU: 287400

Price Each:

$ 16.99
SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer -- Quick Spray Detailer & Waterless Wash-750 ml

This product fills in microscopic pits and voids and is outstanding for adding shine between full details or even between washes. Typically used after a car was on a vehicle that has a wax or protectant applied to extend the life of the current finish. It can also be used as a waterless wash. A waterless wash is ok for vehicles that are a little dirty and you have to use a lot of towels. Each wipe should be done with a clean section of microfiber cloth. 


SONAX Instant Shine Spray & Seal Instant Shine Coating-750 ml

SKU: 243400

Price Each:

$ 19.99
SONAX  Instant Shine Spray & Seal Instant Shine Coating-750 ml

If you are a beginner at detailing your vehicles or if you are just looking for a fast and easy shine it does not get much easier than SONAX Spray & Seal Instant Shine Coating. Simply wash your vehicle and leave it wet. We suggest a foaming car wash followed by the two bucket method. Then spray SONAX Spray & Seal Instant Shine Coating on evenly and dry.


SONAX Plastic Care Interior / Exterior Plastic Detailer 500mL 255241

SKU: 255241

Price Each:

$ 14.99
SONAX Plastic Care  Interior / Exterior Plastic Detailer  500mL 255241

Sonax plastic detailer is perfect for detailing the plastic components of your vehicle, inside and out.  COnceals scratches and dull spots. WOrks great on unpainted plastics. Awesome for the engine bay.


There are places you do not want to use this product. They include glass, paintwork, fabrics, radios, displays, operating elements on the vehicle, bicycle, or motorbike seats. Simply spray and let it dry

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Spray Detailers Should be Paired

In almost every case, spray detailers are paired with a coating or sealer. While they can often be intermixed we highly suggest using them in their intended pairs. Believe it or not, there is a lot of science and chemistry that goes into these products. Utilizing the correct counterpart to your coating makes sure everything is compatible and maximizes the life of the coating. For purpose of illustration, if I do a full detail in March with Sonax spray-on ceramic coating. I will utilize SONAX Ceramic Ultra Slick Detailer for the next 4-6 months when I wash my car.

Can Spray Detailers be Used as a Waterless Wash

The short answer is in many cases yes. The longer answer is while we might use it to touch up a small portion of a vehicle, we don’t generally recommend a waterless wash. If you are going to do a waterless wash — often because it’s required in certain parts of the country– you are best served to use a true waterless was product and make sure you are doing so correctly.

If you decide to do a waterless wash on a portion of the vehicle there is a high probability that you will scratch it. That risk can be minimized by only using each section of a microfiber cloth over a very small area. By design microfiber cloths trap dirt. When you rub that dirt over a section of the car you cause an issue

What if I Don’t Want a Coating or Sealer?

Now, if you are just looking for a quick shine while you are drying your vehicle and you don’t intend to use a ceramic coating, polymer-based sealer or even a was, there are drying agents and ‘instant shine products like Sonax Instant Shine and Seal. While it is generally better to use a spray coating initially and a detailer later, this is an option for those who do not plant to do so. If we had to compare it to something it would serve the same function as the ‘wax’ some commercial car washes add.

Detailing Plastics

If you are using ceramic coating and detailer, typically you would detail all surfaces with the same. Other waxes and sealants suggest a different product for plastic areas. In these areas, a plastic detailer and applicator are suggested. Plastic detailers are also great for parts of the engine compartment etc

Can I Skip a Coating and Just Use the Spray Detailer?

The main question here is why. With companies like Sonax making it easy to install affordable spray coatings and sealers, there is little upside to just using the detailer. That said, people do it all the time, it’s just not as effective. One place it can work well is a ceramic quick detailer on glass.

Spray Detailers and Glass

Just in case we have not made it clear, we LOVE ceramic coatings and detail sprays over the glass. Get the glass clean and apply just like you would to the paint. You will thank us next time you are driving through a rainstorm or are cleaning bugs off your windows.