SteadyRack Vertical Bike Storage Rack

Organizing the garage is tough enough, but dealing with bicycle storage is a major headache. The SteadyRack Vertical Bike Storage Rack is simply the best we have ever seen. Its more expensive than most other racks, but it works and you never have to lift your bike off the ground. You can space the rack based on the types of bikes you have and the bikes can easily be angled closer to the wall. We will have our own video review shortly, but we have included the manufacturers video below the pricing. We now offer the SteadyRack Fat Rack for bikes with fat tires from 2.2 inches to 5 inches.

Pricing & Options


SteadyRack Vertical Bike Storage (Pack of 1) A-G11000

SKU: A-G11000

Price Each:

$ 69.99

SteadyRack For Bikes with Fenders & Mud Guards A-G11001

SKU: A-G11001

Price Each:

$ 89.99

SteadyRack Fat Rack for Fat Tire Bicycle Storage (For bikes with 2.2″ to 5″ wide tires)

SKU: A-G11002

Price Each:

$ 89.99

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Why I Use It in My Own Garage

My name is Justin Krauss and I am one of the owners of Garage Flooring LLC. We have pulled out all the other bike storage in our garage and went with this one simple product. First, I can mount it every 16 inches and still get the bikes in place without risking damage. Second, installation is way to easy. I did find a few helpful hints. Next, it made my wife happy. Our old bike storage required that she lift the bike to get it into place. With SteadyRack she just rolls it on the back tires. Lastly, we love the fact that all of our bikes, from full suspension mountain bikes to kids bikes all fit on one of these racks.

Hey, You, Leave my Frame Alone

Perhaps we are bike snobs, but the last thing I want is a bike storage rack that is going to screw up my frame. Its bad enough that a lot of the bike racks on the market scratch the heck out of the frame, but in the garage, the bike should be safe and sound. SteadyRack allows the bike to sit naturally. The front tire is supported from underneath and the rear rests on a bracket on the wall. Unlike other products, it does not touch my frame.

Your Bike Needs Support

Take a bike and hang it by a glorified hook for an extended period of time and what does that do to your tire? All the weight is pulling down on a single point and the bike has no support. It just dangles. With Steady Rack, your bike is properly supported and you do not need to stress about damaging your wheel or tire.

Mountain Bike Storage with Steady Rack

As avid mountain bikers ourselves, we can speak from experience when it comes to mountain bike storage racks. The issue here is the names SteadyRack has given the products. The classic rack is only good up 20 2.2″ front tire. Well anyone who rides a mountain bike seriously, likely has at least 2.3″ front tires. We highly suggest the fat rack for storing your mountain bike

A Little to the Left… A Little to the Right

With other racks, once you get them in place, they are there to stay. You just have to hope you left enough room so the handlebars on one bike don’t slam into the shifters on another and create all sorts of damage. With SteadyRack, its almost like looking through carpet samples at the carpet store. You grab the bike with one hand and easily pull it to one side of another. This makes it easier to get the next bike up (or down) and also means the bikes take up less space. Just mount the Steady Rack where the studs fall and let the rack do the rest.

Concrete / Block Walls

No Problem! Our standard mounting hardware includes what you need for concrete walls and stud walls. Metal studs, you are on your own. Not really, you just need to go by some sheet metal screws.

No Lifting

Seriously, lets save the exercise for the ride. Just tip the bike back onto the rear wheel and roll it into the rack. If the rack is mounted at the correct height, when it hits the rack it will just bump up onto the rack. No lifting required.